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Have you heard about the revolutionary world of Sweepstakes Casinos in the United States? Imagine gambling online without using real money. In this post, we’ll unravel the intriguing workings of sweepstakes casinos and what makes them legal in all 50 states

How the sweepstakes casino works rely on a simple system. On the typical online casino, players can quickly deposit funds directly and gamble online. However, with the sweepstakes slots, there are the sweep coins with which you gamble with. 

But how does it work? And how is it legal?

In today’s blog post, we will provide an explanation of the sweepstakes model and comparison with traditional online casinos. We will also explain the role of virtual currencies (gold coins and sweep coins) and how to purchase virtual currencies. We will also provide examples of games playable with sweep coins.

Finally, readers will be introduced to the hand-picked list of sweepstakes casinos!

Let’s get going!

1. You Can’t Use Real Money in Sweepstakes Casinos.¬†

list of sweepstakes casinos usa

It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but you can understand when you get the principles. It will all make sense. As you probably know, you can use cash to gamble in the usual online casino. That is, you can withdraw and deposit your funds the same way land-based casinos do.¬†

When it comes to the list of sweepstakes casinos, you don’t directly use cash. Instead, you follow the “sweepstakes model.” In simple terms, there are virtual currencies you use in place of traditional money.¬†

So you can purchase the virtual currencies with traditional cash directly. Through that, the other currency comes as a free bonus. The majority of online casinos use the same system. You can use real funds to buy virtual currencies known as gold coins. 

However, you can’t trade the gold coins for real money. In other words, they don’t have redeemable value. But remember that every time you buy the gold coins, you get sweep coins as a free bonus. Now, you can trade these sweep coins for cash.¬†

The sweep coins are not regarded as real cash, but they have a cash value. You can use these coins to play any games in the sweepstakes casino online. In all, you can make real profits, but only through these indirect ways. 

2. Sweepstakes Casinos Are Legal in All States 

Even though some states prohibit online casinos that use cash directly, casinos that implement the sweepstakes model are entirely legal in the 50 states. This is a massive breakthrough because numerous states are paving the way for online gambling and permitting people to play for real money. 

At first, you’d have to move to another state to gamble online or had to live near a border where¬†online gambling¬†is legalized. But that wouldn’t make much sense, and it would be better to head to the nearest land-based casino. That’s more beneficial.¬†

With permission, you can now enjoy the sweepstakes games at the comfort of your home without any worries. You can buy more gold coins, get free sweeps coins that come with it, and start earning some real cash as you enjoy your favorite game. 

3. Huge List of Sweepstakes Casinos Offer Sign-Up Bonus 

list of sweepstakes casinos no deposit bonus

Another enormous advantage of sweepstakes¬†slots that pay real money¬†is the sign-up bonus you get when you register for the first time. However, creating an account also means giving them your personal information. And if you win sweep coins and later want to redeem them, you’ll need to submit more personal information.¬†

In such a case, we recommend you always play at online casinos that are legit and certified. There is a big list of sweepstakes casinos that are truly legit. The authorities make sure the registered list of all sweepstakes casinos follow the laid down rules to avoid any infringement. So your personal information is always secured. 

When you create a new account in any of the casinos, you’ll, as stated earlier, get a bunch of gold coins and limited sweeps coins for free. The gold coins don’t fetch you anything, so they’re worthless. So if you’re a genuine fan of online poker,¬†online slots¬†games, or online scratch cards, then you’re at liberty to use as many as you like.¬†

What you need to focus on is the sweeps coins because that’s where the real money is. Depending on the platform you choose from a long list of sweepstakes casinos usa, you can get from two to ten free sweeps coins to create an account.¬†

From there, you can play your favorite¬†casino games¬†using the sweeps coins. But, remember that the sweeps coins are usually few. And that’s why it can be challenging to win massively.¬†

4. Some Online Casinos Give Free Sweeps Coins Via Mail 

Due to the sweepstakes model that various¬†online casinos implement, a long list of sweepstakes casinos usually give way free sweeps coin to players through the mail. The casinos don’t advertise this method of giving away sweeps coins. But if you want to receive the coins through the mail, you have to take an in-depth look at their rules. They make it difficult to find.¬†

It’s legal to acquire sweeps coins via the mail. For the sweepstakes model to be implemented, there must be a way to get free sweeps coins where players don’t have to pay for it. Even though most casinos provide these sweeps coins in contests, they have to offer the mail-in method.¬†

However, don’t expect to get many sweeps coins through this method. But, if you’re patient and don’t bother waiting, you can accumulate the required sweeps coins to use the casinos freely.¬†

You can get as many sweeps coins as you want each time you send an envelope. But the casinos add lots of conditions on how it works. 

First of all, your handwriting needs to be legible, and the term “legible” depends on their definition. In other words, if they think your handwriting is not legible, you won’t get the coins. Secondly, you have to follow the requirements precisely. If you don’t follow the exact laid down rules, you can be disqualified for getting the sweeps coins.¬†

Furthermore, you have to wait for the letters to appear in the mail before it can be processed. However, you can submit any amount of letters you want. But take note that sending the letters will cost you little money Рthe cost of the envelopes and the stamps. 

If you look at it, it’s small compared to the sweeps coins you get.¬†

5. You Get to Practice With Gold Coins Without Losing Money 

list of all sweepstakes casinos

With the gold coin, you can practice all you want in the sweepstakes casino, especially poker. When practicing with poker, you need to ensure that you know how to play the game. If you’re don’t know how the casino game works, you can quickly lose your sweeps coins when it’s time to play for real.¬†

When you get the gold coins either by buying or signing up, you get no values in them. So you might as well use that to practice poker and get the feel of the game. For sweepstakes slots, the gold coins can help you learn how every single slot works. Through that, you can increase your chances of winning with you play with sweeps coins. 

6. List of Sweepstakes Casinos: 3 Sites to Join


BitSpinWin is the first gaming platform that made our list of sweepstakes casinos. This online casino stands out with its game selection. It offers a huge number of casino titles that promise high payouts. These games come from top developers, and all of them use the so-called RNG technology.

Join BitSpinWin now and enjoy top-tier sweepstakes games!


BitOfGold is the second pick in the list of sweepstakes casinos usa. BitOfGold has recently emerged as one of the most rapidly rising online casinos. This gaming platform often makes the “top list of sweepstakes casinos no deposit bonus” offered by various websites that provide casino reviews. This is because BitOfGold stands out with its bonus opportunities, which include a lucrative welcome promotion.

Want to take advantage of BitOfGold’s signup bonus? Register now and collect free credits!


BitBetWin is another pick in our list of sweepstakes casinos usa. This sweepstakes casino has been operating in the business for years. It enjoys high popularity and trust among players. BitBetWin excels with its selection of games, simple interface and an efficient customer support service. It also provides high-level security for players!

So, join BitBetWin now and play top sweepstakes games with peace of mind!

7. FAQ

Want to hear more about the list of sweepstakes casinos no deposit bonus? Check our FAQ below!

What is a sweepstakes casino?

Sweepstakes casino is a gaming platform where you play games with virtual currencies. These casinos do not involve real money. However, you are able to exchange your virtual coins for real cash.

How do sweepstakes casinos work?

The principle of sweepstakes is quite simple. You purchase coins and start playing the games. Once you are done, you can exchange your coins back to real cash.

How do you play casino games in sweepstakes stores?

In online sweepstakes stores, players have to first set up an account in order to play the games. Once you complete the registration, you have to deposit money. After this, you will be able to play casino games. 

Can I win real money at a sweepstakes casino?

When you play at sweepstakes casinos, you will be using coins. However, when you finish your gaming session, you will be able to exchange  your coins for real money. 

Do I need to make a purchase to play at a sweepstakes casino?

Yes, in most of the sweepstakes platforms, you have to purchase the casino coins. These coins may have different names.

Are sweepstakes casinos similar to traditional online casinos?

Yes, they are similar. However, the main difference is that sweepstakes casinos use coins, while traditional online casinos deal with real money.

Do sweepstakes casinos offer bonuses and promotions?

Yes, there is a long list of sweepstakes casinos no deposit bonus. These platforms offer players welcome promotions as well as other bonus opportunities.

What are some of the most popular sweepstakes casinos?

In the list of all sweepstakes casinos, the most popular ones are BitBetWin, BitSpinWin and BitOfGold. These casinos can provide you with hours of top-notch entertainment!

How do I choose a sweepstakes casino?

In order to choose the right platform, you have to study the list of all sweepstakes casinos. When you will be going through the list of all sweepstakes casinos, pay attention to the selection of games, bonus opportunities and security guarantees.

What are the risks of playing at sweepstakes casinos?

There is no risk of playing at sweepstakes casinos. Just make sure that the casino where you are going to register an account is legit and operates under a license.


Enjoyed reading our blog about the list of sweepstakes casinos and gold coins? Remember that ussing the gold coins is a great way to practice the game at a sweepstakes casino before using the sweeps coins. We recommend that while you get the sweeps coins, practice with the gold coins to increase your chances of winning greatly. If you want the best software sweepstakes to start your online casino business, we are right there to assist you. Contact us right now, and we will gladly assist you.  

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