Create Your Own Casino

Seamless integration of leading casino software with premium user experience for maximizing your profits!


Boosted Engagement

Keeping your gamers for hours on the edge of their seats is easier with Ultrapower’s multilevel or multi-game jackpots and smart bonus systems.


Omni-channel Experience

We provide cross-platform solutions to let your players enjoy premium gambling whenever they want with a single account on multiple devices.


Easy Integration

With smart and cutting-edge API, integrating Ultrapower’s casino software to your platform is a hassle-free process and takes only a few days.

Top-Performing Online Games

We provide a broad portfolio of leading casino games in various genres.


Focus on Mobile

We recognize that mobile games are in huge demand and offer mobile-friendly leading casino games based on HTML5.


Responsible Gaming

Ultra Power Games provides the ultimate transparency to create fair and responsible games under strict regulations.


Ultimate Customer Care

With our dedicated customer support team, we deal with every inquiry responsibly and instantly fix the issues.


Easy Payment System

By integrating various payment options, your players will enjoy ultra-fast deposit and withdrawal features.


Engaging Games

We bring hundreds of engaging games in different genres, such as slots, lottery, and table games, in a single integration.


Bitcoin Casino

Providing state-of-art casino software solutions will bring in more players through our integration of cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

Secure Environment to Attract Players

The biggest risk of online gambling for newbies is a security threat. Ultrapower eliminates this risk to make your casino the #1 destination for casino enthusiasts!


24/7 global support


Up-to-date security protocols


Constant monitoring for threats

Our Goal is Your Success

We want to be the power behind casinos which start as small entities and grow into industry giants known worldwide.

01 online casino

Attract Players

With the help of smart rewards and bonus systems, catch the attention of both newbies and high rollers.

02 online casino

Retain Gamers

Fantastic graphics, simple user navigation, and engaging game stories will keep your gamers playing.

03 online casino

Grow Your Brand

By offering multi-language, cross-platform gambling experience, make your brand famous across the globe.

online casino

Customer Support 24/7

Ultra Power Games gained a reputation in the industry with its comprehensive and effective customer care service.

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Why Work with Us?

We understand the hesitation of casino owners in choosing the software for their businesses. Hence we provide:


24/7 technical support all the way


Customized service for every client


Dedicated project manager to maximize the ROI

Responsible Gambling

Ultrapower is committed to the idea of responsible gambling. We believe it is a common responsibility of software providers, casino operators, and players. To this end, our software provides features for self-exclusion, as well as tools for preventing underage persons from engaging in online entertainment.

Our software also provides a maximum level of protection for players thanks to cutting-edge security technologies. Out tools guarantee the safety of funds and privacy.

Ultra Power is guided by ethical principles. We are committed to continuing to support players, providing them with an online environment that encourages them to gamble responsibly.

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Check the latest industry news, casino operating tips, and many more!


What is casino software?

The casino software is an operating system for online gambling platforms. It is an integral part of every casino, ensuring the operation of every feature.

Do I need to download casino software?

The incorporation of casino software into your platform can be done in various ways. It’s best to consult with casino software providers to determine the most effective casino software solution.

Is casino software safe?

Yes, generally speaking, casino management system software is safe to use. However, you need to make sure that you choose reliable casino software providers.

Do casinos use facial recognition software?

Yes, some of the casinos use facial recognition software to verify newly registered users' identities.

What kind of software does cafe casino use?

Cafe casinos use various software. In the case of internet cafes, they usually employ internet cafe casino management system software.

Which software is used in casino?

Casinos use casino management system software solutions.

How much does casino software cost?

The cost will depend on the services you choose as well as the pricing provided by casino software providers.

What is casino management software?

Casino management software is a tool for casino owners to operate their platforms.

What are the different types of casino software?

The two main categories of casino software are white-label and customized software. The first provides ready-made products, while the latter offers casino software solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.

What are the benefits of using casino software?

Internet casino software provides tools for managing users, maintaining data, sorting user queries, payments, etc.

Is casino software fair?

Yes, generally, internet casino software are fair. However, in order to get a fair casino management software service, you have to opt for legit and trusted software providers.