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Sophisticated Online Casino Software

We have combined all the features you need in casino management, together with exciting games and back-office solutions, to give you full control of your operations.

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    One-stop Solution for Casino Management

    The Ultra Power Games online casino software provides an all-in-one system for managing gambling businesses of all sizes. We brought cutting-edge functions to casino management, such as account and security control, payment processing, reward and loyalty programs, game library, and analytics to deliver multi-channel casino solutions. Our sophisticated casino software allows seamless integrations with game providers of different genres.

    Ultra Power Games ensure gamer acquisition and retention through its many benefits, such as loyalty awards, bonuses, ease of payment, and high-level compatibility. With the help of our online software, operators can enjoy innovative casino management approaches to maximize profits and player's lifetime value.

    Why Ultra Power Games?

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    Extensive Game Library

    Ultra Power Games provide smooth access to hundreds of engaging gambling games in one tap.

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    Simple Integration

    Whether you start a casino business for the first time or extend your brand, our platform takes no time to integrate.

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    Full Management

    We bring state-of-art functions for casino management to give you ultimate control of your clients’ operations.

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    Premium Customer Service

    Our friendly customer service staff will be on your side and provide ongoing support around-the-clock.

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    High-Level Security

    We ensure the security of private information of your clients and deliver compliant services in multiple jurisdictions.

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    White-Label Solutions

    We deliver low-cost and highly personalized online casino software solutions that comply with ethical and legal standards of the industry.

    Top-Performing Games

    Within Ultra Power Games online casino software, players can access an extensive portfolio of engaging games. We provide betting games in different genres, including mobile slots, table games, live casino, and many more. By allowing single or multiplayer options and making our games compatible with various platforms, we ensure your players enjoy premium gambling for extended periods. Whether they use tablets, mobile phones, or desktop devices to access your casino, we bring a smooth and seamless experience 24/7.

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    High-Quality Visual

    Our game development team create games with incredible graphics and animations to ensure players enjoy every second of betting

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    Your gamers can customize the games, either visually through themes or functionally, by adjusting bet sizes, bonuses, etc.

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    Our gaming team utilizes HTML5 platform to create mobile games so that your players can enjoy gambling on mobile or desktop devices

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    Whether gamblers use Android, IOS, MAC or Windows, the games maintain their premium user interface in all operating systems

    Security of Our Online Casino Software

    Ultra Power Games take strict actions to provide sophisticated and high-level security measures. Our skilled team monitors the online casino software 24/7 and provides global support. In this way, we can intervene at any time there is a payer-related issue or a fraud case.

    Security is synonymous with success in the gambling industry. When we developed our casino software, we put maximum attention to minimize security threats. When you get a sweepstakes software for your casino, you should also put the security of your platform and the private information of your clients to priority. Otherwise, your players will not come back for more to an environment where they do not have trust and reliability.

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    Experienced Team

    Ultra Power Games has been in the gambling industry for many years and gained a reputation for its high-quality services.

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    Customized Solutions

    We deliver customizable designs for your casino and personalized service in our customer support team.

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    Maximum ROI

    By getting our online casino software, you will receive high returns on your investment through high player acquisition and retention.

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    Fast Integration

    Our casino software is easy to integrate with clients' platforms. Projects can take one to three months depending on customer needs.

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    Smooth Communication

    We allocate project managers for each client to ensure seamless communication between the Ultra Power Games and our customers.

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    24/7 Support

    Even after completing the project, we continue providing technical support and answering your concerns whenever and wherever our clients need it.

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    Fair Gambling

    Another pillar of security rests on fair and responsible gaming techniques. The Ultra Power Games comply with the gambling industry's highest standards and provide complete transparency for the players. We deliver online casino software services that respond to strict regulations and ethical measures. Our games choose winners totally based on random allocation, which creates a fair gaming opportunity for your players.

    What to Expect?

    Ultra Power Games gained a reputation in the industry with its comprehensive and effective customer care service.

    • Increased Traffic and Revenue
    • Boosted Player Satisfaction
    • Smooth User Experience
    • Certified and Licensed Solutions
    • Comprehensive Back Office Functions
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Around-the-Clock Customer Service
    • Wide Range of Payment Methods
    • Smart Bonus System
    • Higher Player Acquisition and Retention

    Our Team

    We have gathered skilled and knowledgeable software developers to our team from all around the world. The Ultra Power Games team is created after a thorough assessment of developers' technical skills and approaches to ensure they fit our mission and tasks. We also train them regularly so that they are well-aware of the industry trends, and their skills are up-to-date for cutting-edge tools.

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    We are Best at...

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    Turnkey Solutions

    Our all-in-one solutions include seamless online casino software, player retention and customer service from a team with years of experience in the industry

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    Game Integrations

    Ultra Power Games has immense experience with third-party integration, whether it is a payment processing platform or game provider

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    Customized Tools

    Our smart online casino software development team creates unique tools to reduce repetitive work and boost the integration speed for operators

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    Technical Support

    Regardless of your location, our support team is close to you as we allow multi-channel communication through email, phone or live chat.

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    Online Casino Software from Ground Up

    The ultimate goal of Ultra Power Games is to provide full-scale operations for the successful integration of our software with your casino platform. Our expert team starts the online project, monitors its implementation, and delivers the highest Return on Investment for the casino operators. During the project, our friendly customer service staff will provide guidance and technical help whenever you need it. Our project managers take a bespoke approach and cater to all the unique specifications of our clients. Request a customized service for your online casino business now.

    We Deliver Everything You Need in Decent Casino Software

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    All-in-One Software

    We bring features you need to operate a casino service, including marketing, payment processing, player management, and attractive bonus system

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    Payment Methods

    Our casino software is compatible with multiple payment solutions and is flexible for new integrations to eliminate the payment hassle for the gamblers

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    White-Label Solutions

    We deliver low-cost and highly personalized online casino software solutions that comply with ethical and legal standards of the industry

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    Exciting Games

    Through our games in different genres, such as poker, baccarat, keno or slots, we bring high-quality graphics that attract and retain players for extended periods

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    Bitcoin Casino

    Our team follows the industry trends and provide innovative features in the online casino software, such as payment through bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

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    If our clients need support with their marketing strategies, we can provide advertising services, besides creating exciting bonus and loyalty systems

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    Whether you want to start a casino business or looking for ways to improve your brand, we are delighted to support your ultimate purpose with our seamless online casino software!