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As we all know, casino games are becoming very popular in online platforms recently. They are outshining regular gambling games by far with the attention to detail in-game controls and innovative features. One of the best adult entertainment methods is gambling and easily accessible and comfortable form of it, which is the online casino gambling is what makes them unique. It is a win-win situation that both producers and online casino players are getting better off.

Online gambling is a prevalent and feasible business idea that many entrepreneurs put their money on while hoping for doubling that revenue or getting even more than that. To be successful in this business, you need to focus on various things rather than building a platform and waiting for online casino players. Detailed information about your target audience is one of those critical aspects you cannot afford to mess up with. 

There are many types of¬†online casino games, and just like that, there are various types of players who adore those games. Remember that, while you are trying to convince those players that you offer the best products hand in hand with their gaming tastes, you need to know their preferences beforehand. Otherwise, you will not be able to develop a big marketing plan; thus, you will miss the mark on getting the best out of your platform. This article aims to break down the different types of online casino players and talk about their distinctive features. So, let’s start with the first one.¬†

1.Free Online Casino Players

If you are occasionally entering online casino platforms, you will see this kind of gambling players. This is not the type of segment that gambling providers like the most because they are not trying to win large amounts, thus avoid any risks in online casino games. Free online casino players try to find the games where they can play only demo versions, have fun and call it a day. Unlike others, they do not seek or have grand ambitions for playing these casino games. Most of the time, newbies are considered a part of this group too. For those players who just entered the online casinos, it is essential to learn the games. 

Thus, they decide to go small or deposit nothing and enjoy the demo versions of the games. Initially, free online casino players enjoy online gambling games, no prizes or anything. The financial aspect of the game is not so essential for them too. They are not living with dreams of winning the jackpot or anything like that. As we already mentioned, online casino operators are not fond of this type of casino player. 

Therefore, they are not targeted by any means for the marketing campaign of their new gambling platform. Free online casino players mainly focus on chance-based casino games, and their intention is solely based on having while they enter online gambling platforms. Most of the time, they prefer slots with different graphics, craps, lottery, and such games that are visually appealing and entertaining at the same time. Those players enter online casinos where it is possible to enjoy free demo versions and play them until they got bored. 

2.VIP Online Casino Players

This one is obviously should be on your radar when it comes to choosing the online casino audience. With that being said, VIP online casino players are one of the top groups that are playing with high risk and high reward mentality. They are generous players that are not scared of the critical moments that will possibly make or break their run in an online gambling game.

One of the well-known attributes for VIP online casino players is their interest in casino bonuses. Nothing in the online gambling platform excites them more than the rewards. They are those that spend hours beside their computer devices while comparing and analyzing various bonus offers from different online casino providers. 

They play the game with tenacity, and they enjoy every moment of it while winning those bonuses. As we all know, gambling bonuses and casinos are coming hand in hand in online platforms. It is hard to imagine one without another in this context. VIP players seek those bonus opportunities and enjoy their favorite casino games on those platforms with relatively high bonus offers.

If you want to attract these high rollers into your online gambling platform and earn lots of cash through the house edge, you need to know a considerable amount of details about the casino bonuses that they love. Those of you who lack knowledge about this particular aspect of online casinos, do not worry because we will elaborate on the issue in the next few paragraphs. 

What are the Bonuses that VIP Casino Players love the Most? 

online casino players

Welcome Bonus

It is the most common form of online casino bonuses that VIP players love to use. As you might get from the name, the Welcome Bonus is about the registration of the player. After you register for the online casino, you can access this excellent bonus offer. Many platforms call this bonus as first deposit or sign up bonus.

The general provision about accessing these bonuses is about the first deposit amount. In most online casino platforms, the gambling site will match your first deposit and give you that amount as a bonus. For example, if an online casino site offers a 100 percent welcome bonus, if you put 100 dollars, they will hand you an extra 100 dollars ad you will have 200 dollars to start the game. 

The range of welcome bonuses can change according to the provider. You can get the signup bonus offers from 50 percent up to 500. In many online casino platforms, there are severe restrictions regarding the withdrawals from the Welcome Bonus. If you are newb to the business and want to attract as much as VIP online casino players as possible, try to enforce more simple withdrawal rules so that people can come and enjoy the best offers. 

No Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are one of the main reasons why VIP online casino players like to enjoy casino games. No deposit bonuses allow players to get the advantage of online casino bonuses without paying any money before that time. This is a promotion that new online casinos use to attract players while showing their platform to them.

If those players use the no deposit and sign up for more adventure, it is a win for online casinos, and they will acquire a new customer. To prevent the players from abusing no deposit bonuses, the online casinos designed a harsh procedure for withdrawals’ wagering requirements. When these no deposit bonuses came to the industry, there was no preventive action.

At that time, players were getting the no deposit and play with it for a couple of rounds. As soon as they win, they would take the money and go to the other platform to repeat the action. Then, casinos took those preventative measures, and it became a fair race. Right now, you need to deposit your own money before you withdraw any winning that is won through the usage of no deposit bonuses. 

Monthly bonus offers for VIP Online Casino Players.

It is one of the not-so-obvious bonus packages that online casinos offer to its customers. Usually, they do not publicize this type of bonus. Instead, they will email the recipient and tell them about the current bonus offer. These bonuses are calculated according to the monthly activities of the players.

For instance, if you log in to an online casino at least 20 days in the last months and spend 1000 dollars, your reward will be higher than the player that played once or twice in the previous 30 days. VIP online casino players love these types of offers. They try to keep their standing ahead of everyone else to pursue the highest bonus offers available in the online gambling platform where they play. 

Free Spins

Free spins are among the most popular types of online casino bonuses that we have in the industry. You probably heard about this bonus type before. Free spins are mainly offered in slot machine games, and they can help you earn thousands of dollars for free. There are different slot games and slot machine providers in the online gambling industry. For that reason, free spin bonuses differ from game to game.

Some online casinos hand those free spins as part of the welcome bonus package while in others, you need to earn them while playing. The scatter symbols in the slot games can help you to achieve this feat. While lacing up three scatters on the same reel, you will earn a chance to get the free coin and free spin changes in gambling games. 

3.The Escapist Type of Gambling Players

online casino players

This type of online casino players tends to focus on gambling games for more than entertainment or earning money. As we all know, it is really hard and exhausting to work every day to support our families and all that. Daily life keeps stressing people, and they tend to find things that can help them reduce those high-stress levels. To keep a calm attitude, they enter online casino websites to enjoy their daily casino games. These players are not addicted to casino games, and they feel the need to play in cases where they are stressed out. That is why it is not rational to target precisely these types of players whenever you start an online casino business. 

4.Social Gamblers

These players tend to enjoy online casino games and have different approaches than the segments mentioned above. Social gamblers do not like to play single-player games, and they want to interact with people while enjoying casino games. That is why the players from this group tend to play casino games such as poker, blackjack, etc.

The availability of multiplayer options in those games allows them to play in groups and have fun while earning cash. These are the criteria that you need to seek in your target audience. Social gamblers like to bring new players to the platforms they like to play online sweepstakes games. By targeting them, you will increase the chances of your platform to attract many customers afterward. 

5.Professional Online Casino Players

Professional online casino players are the ones that are making a living out of playing their favorite casino games. These players are real professionals when it comes to online gambling. They try to find the best casino games that offer higher payout percentages. They spend hours and hours on making their critical decisions about which game to play. Entertainment is not the priority for this type of player. 

They only care about the results, and even if the most entertaining gambling game is not helping them win, they will skip that game. The gambling decisions they make during the games are purely rational, and they never get caught over their emotions while playing. These types of players are hard to target for gambling platform providers. They are approaching the games very seriously, and it is hard to please those segments of players. 

6.Compulsive Casino Players

Compulsive type of online casino players tends to be the opposite of professionals. As we already mentioned, professionals online gambling players are playing strategically and without any emotion in their decision-making process. On the other hand, compulsive players make their decisions off their feelings. For instance, they believe in stereotypes as hot and cold slot machines, and whenever they win two in a row, they start to spend their whole money on the same game. Online casinos love to have these types of players as they have an unlimited amount of hope for winning in online gambling games. 

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