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Online gambling games are very entertaining adult activities that we have in the industry right now. The variety and quality of those games make them unique for the gambling audience. There are thousands of new title releases each year. That makes things even harder for players who want to find the best online sweepstakes to play. In this article, we will go over some of the best examples of real money slot machines. If you want to find out which online slots are available in the market, you came to the right place. So, without further ado, let us start the top list. 

Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters is among the top online casino slot machines in the market today. There are many exciting casino slot features in the game, so we decided to put it on the list of best online sweepstakes. The marine and aquatic themed slot lovers will enjoy this game because of different reasons. First of all, the overall interface in the game is based on the underwater scene. The watercolors are significantly portrayed with a variety of sea creatures swimming. 

The slot volatility for this game is very high. That means players will be able to enjoy the regular payouts from time to time. There are five reels and four rows in this aqua slot machine game. In addition to that, you will get a chance to wager on 20 different pay lines. The combination of those reels will payout in a specific order unless you used a scatter symbol. In this game, the paylines are counting the wins from left to right. 

Symbols and Bonuses in the Best Online Sweepstakes

best online sweepstakes

The scatter symbol of the game is considered to be the Yacht. On the other hand, the other valuable piece that we get through Crystal waters is the Dolphins, which are the game’s wild symbols. With its local progressiveness and high volatility, this is an excellent example of the best online sweepstakes that you can check out on online gambling platforms.

There are other secondary symbols in the game that will guide you to wins. For instance, the available ones include letters such as A, J, K, Q, and numbers such as 9 and 7. You will also notice the sea horses, conch shells, sea turtles, and other exotic fish species on the reels. 

The wild dolphin can help you to multiple the winning among by two easily. All you need to do is generate a three symbol combo while having wild symbols on the same reel. On the other hand, scatter. The yacht symbol is great for triggering the bonus rounds and earning free spin chances.

The available free spins are starting from 15 and go up to 25 in this fantastic river sweeps casino game. Bonuses are all over the place when you play Crystal Waters slot machines. The re-triggerable bonus rounds will lead you to the highest rewards in the game, which is considered as 50.000 dollars. Overall, it is a unique and exciting slot machine that you can try to earn real money. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is the second game that we will discuss in this article of the best sweepstakes online. The game is developed and launched by Playtech in 2015. Since the initial release, the slot machine games fans absolutely loved the three-dimensional look and innovative features that the game brings to the table. The slot’s volatility is high, which ensures that there will be regular payouts during the game.

So, you would not feel demotivated as you continue to win small but steady prizes along the way. There are five reels and three rows in this 3d slot machine game. In addition to that, players will get a chance to bet on as many as 25 fixed paylines. If you are not familiar with the term, fixed paylines in slot machines are the ones that players cannot change the placement and only work on the deposit amount for their strategies. 

The Storyline, Interface, and Exciting Bonus Features of the Ghost Ship Casino Slot

The Scatter symbol in the game is Ghost Ship itself, while the wild symbol is portrayed as the Ghost Captain. You will find an abundant ship that belonged to the famous pirate captain in the deep end of the sea. The captain’s ghost is still around, and he saves the ship and jewelry boxes from thieves who try to steal them from there.

In this game and the storyline, you need to find those jewelry boxes and take out the gold. The main color scheme that is used in the game is dark and ghosty green. The effective soundtracks in the game will help you to feel the real ambiance and enjoy the ride. The main symbols in the game are canon, a mermaid, a ghost ship, the Captain of the Ship, a Flying Dutchman bell, etc. 

On the other hand, secondary-level symbols are not as valuable as the main ones. For instance, the J, K, L, 10, 9, 7 are just examples of that type. The ghost captain is a powerful symbol that can trigger bonuses and be used as a substitution for any other symbol than the scatter. If you manage to line up at least three of any scatter or wild symbols in the game, you will trigger great bonus opportunities available in the game.

Free spins, re-spins, random payouts, and multipliers are among those exciting bonuses that you can find in the game. On a lucky streak, this slot machine allows you to win great rewards efficiently. Ghost Ship definitely deserved a spot on the list of the best online sweepstakes games that payout real cash with its mystic design and thrilling storyline. 

Loch Ness Loot

best online sweepstakes

Loch Ness Loot is another exciting sweepstake slot machine game that we will discuss in this article. The game deserved a spot on the list because of its amazing design and colorful interface. The game’s volatility is high, just like other examples that you can find in the article.

In addition to its high volatility, the game is also offering a high Return to Player Rate, which is 96.7 percent. This combination is deadly when you consider winning constant and great cash rewards off of online slot machines. There are five reels and four rows in this video slot game. In addition to that, you will be able to find as many as 25 different pay lines on this online river slot casino game. 

The scatter symbol for Loch Ness Loot is the Treasure box, while the wild symbol is Lochie, the green sea monster. If you want to lift your mood or you are bored and want to find something that can make you busy and entertain, this is among the best online sweepstakes games that you can try. With its colorful design and interesting features, Loch Ness Loot is the prime example of a high-quality river slots game. The main symbols in the game are the main character- Loss Ness Loot monster, treasure box, rowboat, and gold coins’ sack. In addition to these, you will also have multiple secondary-level symbols capable of scoring great rewards. 

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