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Online casino games are one of the most prolific adult entertainment assets that we have right now. The improved technology helps casino software developers to build video games like online casino games, and fans love them. There are unlimited choices that you can make when it comes to online casino games. Most people got over the thought that they might be robbed or tricked whenever they get into or register at any online gambling platform. It is somehow reasonable to consider the amount of fraudulent criminals and cyber attackers that we could face in these platforms. To prevent those issues, gambling platforms get encrypted bitcoin casino software models and a security license.

On the other hand, players prefer to use more and more crypto values as they are proved to be a safer method for making payments in online casinos. At that moment, bitcoin casino software comes to the scene.

As soon as Bitcoin introduced to the world, people started to see its potential. As they became more popular, gambling platforms and software developers saw this as an opportunity and developed bitcoin casino software. This article will mainly focus on crypto gambling platforms, explain why people prefer to play with bitcoin, and share our key takeaways from this new online gambling phenomenon. 

Rise of Crypto Casinos 

Bitcoin Casinos came to the industry in previous years and gained worthy recognition by players. Companies decided to work on crypto casinos, and from there, this new phenomenon became another branch of online gambling. Not many of the online gambling platforms switched from regular to crypto as a whole.

However, most of them started to realize that customers want to have as many options as possible regarding payment methods. So, they began to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and this kind of cryptocurrency values as payment methods. This post is mainly about bitcoin casino software. That is why we will not go through all those crypto values one by one. However, it is essential to provide information about bitcoin before getting into the software part. So, what is Bitcoin and why it suddenly became so popular?

What is Bitcoin, and Is it Safe to Play Gambling Games With Them?

Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. From 2009, people started to use this crypto money. The real inventor or group of individuals who worked and disguised themselves as Satoshi is unknown. So, as you can see, even the inventor of this crypto money is anonymous. It is no secret that Bitcoins are very effective because you can exchange them for real cash, buy goods and services, and play your favourite casino games. 

How to Get Bitcoins? 

There are a variety of ways to get Bitcoin. You can buy them with real currency, do services for your clients, and ask them to pay you with Bitcoins or do mining, which is the least efficient way of acquiring crypto money. It could potentially take you years of hard work and completing various computer tasks and searching for bitcoins. Most of the time, it is not worth even trying. In gambling games, however, Bitcoins and likes of it are very useful. There are casino platforms that offer the jackpot in the form of Bitcoin too. Is it safe?

For the majority of cases, the answer is yes. However, keep in mind that thousands of fraudulent criminals try to steal Bitcoins by acquiring your private key for the e-wallet where you save the bitcoins. All the transactions made using this crypto money are publicly shared in a digital platform called the blockchain. It is easier to track any of those transactions. However, you would only see the coded numbers and not the owner’s credentials. 

This makes the bitcoin transaction process even safer. If you keep your private key in a safe place and do not share with anyone, there is almost no chance of getting trouble using Bitcoins. Bitcoin casino software functions virtually the same as other regular gambling software products in the industry. To choose the best possible option, you need to look at various qualities in those software products. So, let us go through some of them to help you while deciding which bitcoin casino software is better than others. 

Why Do You Need to Analyze Bitcoin Casino Software Products? 

As the number of software providers and clients who use bitcoin casinos goes up, users need to choose the ones that worth their time and money. For a reason, you might think that why should I care about bitcoin casino software at all? This is fine because not many of us have a deep understanding of this system and willingness to learn more.

However, it is a crucial aspect for players who choose these platforms as a prime destination for gambling activities. It is a relatively new concept for the gambling audience, and that is the main reason we need to share some assessment criteria for bitcoin casino software. So, let us look at the top qualities that you need to see in high-quality gambling software. 

Game Variety

It is a crucial pattern that most of the gambling players value at the top. We enter online gambling sites not just because it has a particular payment method or anything. We get into the online casino to spend some quality time while playing entertaining and exciting casino games. Tastes of the players are different, and it is totally fine while looking at the demographics and scope of online gambling in today’s hi-tech era.

Some players like video slots while others stick to the basics and going in fruit slot machines. Depending on the customer’s needs, high-quality casino software should offer various casino games from every branch. Those categories can be divided into chance-based/skill-based games, table card games, slot machines, and so on. 

High-Quality Graphics

Bitcoin Casino Software

Besides the variety of online casino games that you can find in Bitcoin casinos, the graphics theme, and interface are essential. Players are not like in the early 2000s, and they have a variety of options when it comes to finding high-quality gambling games on other platforms. It would help if you offered 3D casino games that have equally fascinating interfaces and features with video games. The first impression is significant for attracting customers, and there is not any single way to grab their attention than offering mind-blowing graphics. 

User Friendliness

The platform overall needs to be user friendly, and you need to create easy navigation for users. If the games are too complicated and users with fewer computer skills cannot even wager because of the lack of user-friendliness, it is a serious issue. So, make sure to acquire bitcoin casino software from providers who can ensure to build easy platforms. 

New Releases

Updates and new releases of game titles are essential. This can be about the updated version of the existing games or the game that no one has ever seen. It is up to you to decide. However, if you do not update the platform from time to time, it will get boring, and users will start to drop the site. 


It is one of the main aspects that we are concerned about while deciding which casino software provider to choose. Without ensuring that you offer a fair gaming experience, you cannot gain the audience’s trust. For doing so, you can share your test results from respectable organizations that are here to evaluate the software and game fairness. Share this information on a separate page where you out your gambling license. 

Reasonable payouts

Return to Player Rate is one of the variables that concern gambling platers. Depending on the type of casino game that you provide, you need to have games with higher RTP scores. On average, most of the chance-based casino games that you can find in bitcoin casinos have over 94 per cent RTP, and that number is around 97 for skill-based games. 

Device compatibility

As you probably know, the number of mobile casino players is drastically increasing with smartphones’ rise. As we already mentioned, you need to provide the products that customers want to see or play, and those products need to be accessible. With the increasing number of mobile phone use, it is better to build a compatible platform with both mobile and PC devices. 

Is Proprietary Bitcoin Casino Software Effective or Not? 

Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin casinos, as you probably know, are mainly functioning on the proprietary bitcoin casino software. For those of you who have not heard about the term, the proprietary casino software is built in a house environment. So, that means mainly the bitcoin casinos are not getting their software from popular brands like Microgaming, IGT, or Novomatic. Instead, they build it from scratch using local or freelance software developers. Proprietary casino software has several advantages, such as custom design, lower price, and so on. 

However, the prejudice of being an unknown brand makes their work a little bit harder. Players like to enjoy the games that they used to play and heard of. That is the primary reason why they undervalue bitcoin casinos that employ proprietary bitcoin casino software full of unknown gaming titles. However, it would be best if you avoided that way of thinking. It would help if you tried the games before making bold claims about their quality. Especially in the younger markets like bitcoin casinos, those prejudices might hold you back from enjoying interactive sweepstakes games and earning lots of bitcoin prices. 

Bitcoin Casinos and their Exceptional Features

Bovada Bitcoin Casino

Bovada Bitcoin Casino is one of the popular crypto casinos in the world. One of the best sides of this platform is that it provides excellent services and bitcoin as a payment method for US players. For people who are living in other countries, it will be harder to enter this platform. It is not allowed, and all those users cannot access Bovada from countries where it is illegal to play gambling games or use bitcoins. The platform was launched in 2007. Since the addition of bitcoin, they have managed to grow the platform. There are more than 300 online casino games on this platform that you can play using bitcoin as the payment method. 

The minimum bet amount for Bovada is 10 dollars, while the highest wager can be made by using 5000 dollars. The main advantage of this platform is that it allows you to use various payment methods and has the number of casino games that you enjoy in regular gambling sites. The disadvantage of this bitcoin casino is about the strict and long registration process and random verification checks. It makes the process harder, but it is safer for customers. This platform’s security measures are very effective as they use the latest encryption for the best results.

Legal Procedures about Bitcoin Casinos

Legality is one of the issues with Bitcoin casinos. Due to Bitcoin’s circumstances and transaction form, most of the countries in the world are illegalizing this phenomenon. Authorities cannot regulate these platforms, and players from those countries where it is illegal to join the bitcoin casinos. Governments cannot track the transactions, as we mentioned earlier. The data on the blockchain is not valuable unless you know the owner of the unique code number. So, the government is having a hard time enforcing its anti-crypto and anti-gambling laws on this platform. 

Does bitcoin casinos impact the overall state of bitcoins? If we consider that we do not have any evidence about the bitcoin transactions, it is evident that you cannot assess their effect. However, the crypto gambling site SatoshiDice dot com, which uses bitcoin casino software, has increased its income five times more as soon as they added bitcoin as a payment method. The anonymity of these values increased the number of players and the popularity of gambling sites. Players feel safer when they enjoy online gambling activities with the crypto, showing the positive results on the bitcoin transaction in the long run. 

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