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Joseph Clark June 13,2022

Crypto gambling sites use digital currencies to make payments and do all the casino transactions. Digital currencies include Bitcoin, dogecoin, lightcoin, etc. 

The importance of cryptocurrencies has been rising in the last few years. It confers several advantages to its users in multiple ways. During the pandemic, when every person sought an alternative source of earning money and making transactions safe and secure, crypto gambling showed its advantages. 

As crypto transactions became the safest and fastest payment option, more and more organisations started incorporating it into their offers. And, of course, the gambling industry was one of the first!

Nowadays, gambling sites that accept crypto not only offer the safest way of gaming but also make it possible to play legally fom any place. As a player plays with credits instead of betting real money, their gambling is legal. Therefore, they can play and redeem prizes from new crypto gambling sites without complications.

There is a list of crypto gambling sites available, which the players can choose to play games with and invest their money in to make big profits. In this blog, we will discuss some of these top crypto gambling sites. But before that, let’s review the top 3 characteristics of the best crypto gambling sites!

Crypto Gambling Sites Common Features To Look For

best crypto gambling sites

There are pretty similar features that you can see in almost all cryptocurrency casino sites. In this passage, we are going to go over those features, and then we will go on to discuss the most popular crypto gambling platforms that you can enter. 

Advanced Security Measures Of Crypto Gambling Sites USA

This is one of the most critical advantages of crypto casino sites. Unlike the traditional casino payment systems, players are exempted from sharing their personal information to make or process any online transaction. All it requires is the wallet address to process the payment successfully. 

There are a few vital methods that the gambling sites that accept crypto use to ensure the security of players’ info and funds. Here they are:

Blockchain technology. All crypto gambling sites USA use this technology in their system. Blockchain is a decentralized system that records every transaction that happens on new crypto gambling sites. Therefore, all info is recorded;

Encryption. All the information about players’ personal details and their funds is encrypted. Therefore, they are not directly accessible to any third parties or hackers;

Digital signatures. Some of the best crypto gambling sites use digital signatures to ensure that the player who does the transactions is the actual player. Therefore, faking your signature becomes impossible for hackers.

In almost all Bitcoin online gambling sites, you can find these advanced security measures that save players from fraudulent criminals. To make gambling even safer from your perspective, you have to find gambling sites that accept crypto with legitimate licenses. Plus, choose a strong password for your account and set two-factor authentication.

Fast Withdrawals On Top Crypto Gambling Sites

As we already mentioned, all the transactions in crypto casino sites are made through blockchain, instantly making it more appealing for players. It is faster and cheaper to use these services. In traditional casinos, you need to verify your bank account and wait for hours or days for the bank to confirm the order. On the other hand, when you use crypto gambling sites, the deposits and, most importantly, withdrawals can be completed instantly after a few network confirmations. Therefore, fast withdrawals can be considered a common trait most crypto casinos possess. 

Increasing Number of Promotions

There are plenty of promotional offers on crypto casino sites that you need to take advantage of. Just like their traditional counterparts, crypto casinos offer a wide range of bonuses for players. As soon as you enter the platform, you can enjoy a welcome bonus and grab some free cash to start the games. 

On top of that, whenever you make your first deposit, a deposit-match offer will be waiting for you. This is only a small fraction of the bonuses you can enjoy at crypto casinos. If you are interested, you might as well give a shot at platforms like BitBetWin, Cryptosino, and BitPlay to check out their profitable offers. 

List of Crypto Gambling Sites: Best Picks

list of crypto gambling sites

Since there are several crypto gambling sites available for players, they have a wide range of choices to choose which crypto gambling site they want to invest in and play games with. Some of the best crypto casino sites in the market are listed here. So, let’s start discussing each of them:


BitStarz is one of the best crypto gambling sites in today’s era. It offers around 26000 interesting games for its players. BitStarz also contains welcome bonus offers for players who are beginners and have just joined and signed up with them. It even supports cryptocurrencies to make or receive payments or any transactions, easing the hard work and saving time for the players. 


CloudBet has been one of the essential crypto gambling sites and is reputed as the oldest crypto gambling site. It offers its players various engaging and exciting games, like slots, live dealer games, and so on. 

It offers a welcome bonus for all the players who sign up with their website for the first time. Also, it offers unique big bonus offers for its players who are consistent with their gameplay using their website and have loyalty program rewards of significant amounts to embrace the players’ loyalty status.  


Ignition offers a wide variety of online games, slots, and roulette and is famous for poker games. In addition, they accept many payment methods like cryptocurrencies, credit cards, vouchers, etc. 

However, the cryptocurrency usage of ignition does not allow live casino games or betting on sports for the players.


crypto gambling sites usa

BitBetWin makes almost every list of top crypto gambling sites available today. It offers players a variety of payment with cryptocurrencies, and features numerous online games that provide a great experience and gameplay. Beginners to the site can enjoy welcome bonuses, while loyal players have access to user-level bonuses. Players who use cryptocurrencies can experience high payout games and enjoy all that BitBetWin has to offer.


For many reasons, the stake is also among the top list of the best crypto gambling sites. It has an amazingly built interface for the users and, therefore, attracts them the most. It also has several options for playing games and sports betting. 

However, they do not offer welcome bonuses to beginners, but they have equivalent exciting packages for their players, like cashback. Here, the players must enter their private information to get their initial deposits processed well. 

mBit casino:

It is another famous crypto gambling website with a very well-developed and creative interface for the users, which facilitates the users to have a fantastic experience with the website. Furthermore, it offers its players a wide range of gaming options, like slots, table games online, etc., and many options to make the gameplay more interactive and fun. It also offers free slot games, extra spins, and bonuses for loyalty programs to its players, along with some cashback facilities. Therefore, it has a breakneck transaction speed, preferred by many willing players.


What are crypto gambling sites? 

Crypto gambling sites are gaming websites that allow you to pay and withdraw winnings using crypto. These casinos use various cryptocurrencies as payment options. Thanks to that feature, you can legally gamble online and redeem your prizes without trouble.

What are the benefits of using crypto gambling sites? 


Crypto gambling sites USA use top-notch security measures, including blockchain technology, encryption methods, digital signatures, etc., to ensure the security of your details and funds. Plus, they offer legal gaming anywhere you play (except Washington). 

What are the risks of using crypto gambling sites? 

The risks of using new crypto gambling sites include fraudulent acts from casinos themselves, hacker attacks, leaking your details to third parties, etc. To avoid that, choose a casino with a legitimate gambling license, ensure you pick solid passwords and set up two-factor authentication.

How do I choose a crypto gambling site? 

When choosing a gaming platform, pick it from the top crypto gambling sites on the market. Ensure it has a gambling license and various crypto payment options. Also, make sure it offers the gaming library and genres you’re interested in.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies? 

Crypto payments happen via e-wallets. You add your crypto wallet address to your account on an online casino, put the amount you want to deposit, and finalize the process. The process takes only a few minutes.

For withdrawals, you need to send a request to the online casino’s support. Once they agree to your request, you will receive your prize in crypto at your address.

Are crypto gambling sites legal?

Yes. Crypto gambling sites are legal as you’re not directly betting with money to play there. Instead, you buy credits and bet them on games. 

Final words

Once you find the best crypto casino, the funds and your private information are always ensured and safe. Also, you can enjoy playing your favorite casino games while making big profits and increasing your bankroll with crypto gambling sites. Going through this guide, you can become well aware of the qualities you have to look for in the top-rated online gambling sites and the qualities that suit you best. 

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