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Online casino games are portrayed as the once in lifetime opportunity by implying that lucky players can earn a fortune while playing them. Is it true? Can you make a living by constantly playing sweepstakes games for online casino real money? Let’s find out together in this article where we are going to analyze how profitable it is to play video poker and how much money really can be made while doing so. 

Is Poker a Favorable Option to Pick? 

online casino real money

Unlike the sweepstakes genres like slot machines or baccarat, video poker is actually among the top sweepstakes games that offer you a realistic chance of winning. However, the catch here is that only those players who are skilled and experienced enough with a little bit of luck can actually manage to earn those profits. There are poker variations that offer a 100 percent Return to Player rate without a house edge. 

So, you might think that it is the winning formula and playing that exact game would help you to win big prizes. However, it is not that simple. Below, we are going to analyze several variations of video poker to see if you can support yourself while playing them full time. 

How can picking Different Variations of Poker Can Impact the Results? 

Deuces Wild

It is among the most popular video poker sweepstakes variations that we have in online casinos. In this game, the main difference is that all the twos are considered a wild card, and they can complete any hand to turn it into a winning hand. It has a full pay variation as well, which offers 100.7 percent RTP. 

However, you might find it on only a few riversweeps online casino websites in the world. Realistically, if you play with five coins on each round, you can make up to 4000 dollars in one hand and 5 dollars minimum if you finish the game with something like three of a kind. 

Kings or Better

Another popular variation of the online casino real money poker game is Kings or Better. Sometimes this variation is also called Joker Wild. This game offers one extra card in addition to the standard 52 card deck. That extra card is a joker which can complete any three-card combination and make a winning hand out of it. 

The payback percentage for this one is around 99.8 percent which is slightly lower than the previous one. If you manage to win the river sweepstakes game with a combination like Natural Royal Flush, you will leave the table with at least 5000 dollars considering that you have deposited at least 5 dollars. 

How Much Online Casino Real Money Can Be Made By Playing The Game Right Way? 

online casino real money

In this example, we are going to compare two experienced players who are allocating their time to play video poker for online casino real money. In the first section, we will evaluate how much part-time poker players can make, and in the second one, we will go through how much online casino real money can be made by playing poker full time. 

If you play video poker for sweepstakes casino real money at 20 hours per week rate and bet at least 1.25 dollars per hand, your average yearly earning would be around 11 000 dollars. This is applicable to those cases where you are playing in internet sweepstakes sites that offer 99.9 percent RTP. On the other hand, if you are going to play video poker for 40 hours per week, you are set to earn approximately 23.000 dollars per year. 

Keep in mind that these amounts are calculated by considering the yearly averages and excluding the outliers. You might win in one week and lose a couple in the following. If you are serious about dedicating your time to master the game and support yourself by only playing poker, realistically, these are the target numbers that you can reach in terms of the online casino real money earning potential. 

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