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Ross Campbell December 16,2021

On your online casino gaming journey, you have probably seen a variety of different gambling genres. Rapid roulette can be one of those genres that most players have heard about before but did not have the time to experience in real life. What is rapid roulette? Why is it suddenly making the headlines? How can you play it? 

What are the odds to win this version, and how is it different from classic video roulette sweepstakes game? Well, in this article, we are going to answer these questions and elaborate on one of the most exciting casino game genres that you can try online. So, without further ado, let’s start the post by defining the rapid roulette. 

Defining Rapid Roulette

Rapid roulette is one of the interesting variations of the legendary casino genre. You can find this version on both land-based as well as sweepstakes casino platforms. It is a mixture of classic parlor roulette and modern video roulette. The live casino experience in online gaming platforms is what makes rapid roulette so impressive. 

While you are sitting on the couch at your house, you are directly entering the roulette game that is played at land-based casino platforms, and the social gaming experience through interactions and live chat makes the process even more exciting. You are sending deposits to the gaming account, and the croupier makes bets on behalf of you. Then, you relax, sit back and watch the roulette wheel spin in real-time without even moving from your place. 

How to Play Rapid Roulette?

Rapid roulette

In order to start the rapid roulette, you need to first find a riversweeps online casino that offers the game. Besides that, focusing on the platform that has relative experience in offering and handling live casino games before is a major plus. At the start, you need to deposit funds to your account, and the amount will be shown on the main screen. 

Then, you need to scroll down on the size selector and pick the bet size. As soon as you do that, you will encounter the place bets section where you need to specify on which number or color you want to place your bets. The general rules of the game are not that different from any other internet cafe casino roulette. However, the key here is that the wheels are spun by real people instead of RNG-based systems. 

That is the main point that distinguishes the two versions. We are not here to argue which one is more reliable or which one you need to choose. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, and depending on your goals and preferences, you can play either one of them as long as you are having fun and earning some extra cash. 

Odds in Rapid Roulette Online

Just like in any other online casino game, the odds of roulette is depending on which variation you are playing and which platform you choose. On the other hand, the type of bet that you are going to employ has a lot to do with the overall odds. Below, we are going to discuss the different betting strategies and changes in winning odds depending on which one of those you utilize. 

Inside Bets

Just like in regular roulette, you can place inside bets in rapid roulette as well. This betting strategy is known for offering higher odds for players to win the online sweepstakes game. However, the overall prize would be a lot smaller when you employ this strategy. This betting strategy involves the bets that are made on numbers that are located on the inside circle. 

Outside Bets

It is no different than the previous one in terms of the odds. However, as you might guess by now. Through outside bets, you are going to bet on opposite numbers that you would have deposited on inside bets. Outside bets include even/odds, column choice ( high/low) as well as a color choice (black/red). 

What About Payouts?

Rapid roulette

Rapid roulette allows you to get a chance to multiply your single bet 35 times at most. Below, we will discuss the major betting strategies and their payout odds. 

  • For straight-up, the payout odds are 35 to 1.
  • For a split, the odds would be 17 to 1
  • When you get a trio, the odds will become 11 to 1
  • For street, the odds would stay at 11 to 1 range
  • On the other hand, the five-number combination would change the odds to 6 to 1
  • And for column bet as well as the snake bet, the odds are 2 to 1, respectively

Final Thoughts

As you can see, rapid roulette is a very exciting and highly profitable online casino gaming genre that you can enjoy. In order to get success in this game, you need to have luck on your side and place the bets with the right winning strategy in mind. If you would like to learn more about the casino gaming strategies, updates on the gambling industry, and read game reviews, check out our blog page at UltraPowerGames for more information. 


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