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Frank Deucette February 03,2021

The internet cafe and online casino software industry improved over the last decades. As the industry is getting more and more popular, the number of companies increased, making the competition level very tight. There are several internet cafe casino software developers in the market. Not all of them offer high-quality products and are successful. However, there are brands that you need to know about before starting a business in this market. 

It is a very profitable idea to invest in internet cafe platforms. However, there are key features that you need to look for. If you are one of those gambling software operators who want to improve the current business or start the brand new one, you need to analyze the available options. 

Fortunately, articles like this are here to help you to learn more about the companies, their internet cafe casino software products, and the best features. Without further ado, let’s start the list from the first one. 

Top Internet Cafe Casino Software Providers in the Market


Microgaming is one of the pioneers in the riversweeps casino industry. The company was established in 1994. Since then, they are growing as one of the top internet cafe casino software developers. Their main products include software solutions for online casinos as well as games. There are over a thousand interactive casino game titles that you can acquire from this brand. 

The most notable mentions are Mega Moolah, Thunderstrike, Dolphin Quest, Game of Thrones, and Avalon. It is one of the few online casino software providers that operate in more than three continents, making it a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start an internet cafe in different markets rather than Europe. 

Net Entertainment

Internet cafe casino software

Net Entertainment is another reputable brand that can help you start a brand new internet cafe business. The company has been in the business for over two decades now. There are many areas where this brand outshines the competition. The creativity and innovativeness that the development staff in Net Entertainment has are unmatched. They are the developers of worldwide popular casino slots, including Mega Joker, Mega Fortune, Thor, Starburst, etc. 

International Game Technology

IGT or International Game Technology is another online casino and internet cafe software developer that runs the industry. The company came into the market during the 1970s as the video slot machine developer for land-based casinos. With the emergence of online casino sites in the early 1990s, they started to work on different products to supply the demand for interactive casino games as well as software products. 

There are over 500 interactive online casino games that you can acquire from this brand. Some of the notable mentions in the IGT’s internet cafe casino software are Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly. If you want to start a business in this industry, this is another brand that can help you to achieve that goal effectively. 

What Should You look for in Internet Cafe Casino Software Provider?

A number of factors determine the quality of the internet cafe casino software provider and their products. You need to look for the below-mentioned qualities in order to provide customers with supreme services. The most crucial aspect is the variety of online casino games that the internet cafe software offers. 

Keep in mind that players are going to these platforms to enjoy their time and earn cash prizes. So, sweepstakes software games that cannot handle the player’s basic needs should be eliminated from the list immediately. The variety and quality of those games are the keys to attracting different players regardless of the demographics. 

You need to look for an internet cafe software provider who is capable of offering various online casino genres and their different variations. Some of those games include blackjack, live poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, and online slots. It is better to do a little bit of research depending on your needs regarding the platform you will launch. 

For instance, if you will run an online gambling business that focuses mainly on slot machines. It is better to find a provider with relative experience regarding the development of multi-reel, video slot, and 3D slot games. On the other hand, if you are going to launch a general platform that includes many games and genres, try to find the provider that can handle that particular task. 


Another crucial aspect that you need to look for is the gambling license. It is impossible to start and run a business without having one. So, to enter the sweepstakes market, you need the approval of local jurisdictional bodies. Internet cafe software providers who are considered a reliable brand offer casino licenses as part of the overall software system. 

That allows you to skip the boring documentation part and get right into the business side. If you intend to get this done by yourself, it will be a lot harder, and you will lose time. It is crucial to complete this process as soon as possible, especially if you are a new brand that wants to enter the sweepstakes business. 

Mobile Friendliness

Internet cafe casino software

In times where mobile devices are largely spread, it would be odd not to acknowledge the fact that online casino players are not enjoying the best games through their mobile phones. Many types of research on the topic show this trend is on the rise, and it is not going to decline, especially while considering modern technology. You should not work with a casino software developer who does not optimize its mobile use products. 

It will diminish your chances of increasing the popularity of your platform and attracting customers. There are two types of products that you can get if your main target is the mobile-friendliness. The first one is the mobile-optimized system that is available instantly through browsers. The second one is the mobile sweepstakes apps, which contain many features like regular casino sites. 

Players can register to online casinos via those apps and enjoy the best games according to their interests. It is crucial to choose the right casino software provider who has related experience in building mobile-friendly riverslots casino games and mobile-optimized software products. So, do not hesitate to include this aspect in your evaluation criteria, as it is definitely one of the important ones. 

Graphics and Sound Effects in the Games

It is another aspect that you need to focus on while evaluating internet cafe casino software developers. Visual appearance, as well as the sound effects, plays a huge role on the entertainment level for players. So, they are very selective about this aspect, which puts more pressure on the shoulders of internet cafe owners regarding the decision-making process of casino software developers that they are going to employ. So, it is recommended to ask for a demo and evaluate these aspects by yourself before settling in. 

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