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Matt Dylan February 15,2022

If you decided to try out poker online but do not know where to start, we have got you covered. Poker is a very complicated card game for beginners as it involves a variety of different strategies and nuances that cannot be learned in a day. However, it is never too late to start. For those of you who decided that it is time to master poker, this article will be very helpful as we are going to discuss the most important¬†poker terms¬†and explain their meaning in a simplistic manner. So, without further ado, let’s start to list out the poker terms and phrases in alphabetic order.¬†

Basic Poker Terms 


It is one of the main poker terms that you need to learn at the start. An action can refer to many moves that players make in video poker, such as calling the quit, asking to fold, betting, and so on. 


It is mainly a phrase that online casino poker players should know. Alias refers to the nickname that a player uses to compete in video poker games. 

Angle Shooting

Mainly this term is used to describe players who are trying to cheat and get away with it by manipulating the set rules of sweepstakes game. 

Ante Bet

The ante bet is a kind of wager that players cannot avoid. Before the dealer distributes cards, players should make their ante bets. Otherwise, the river sweepstakes game gets stuck at that point. 

Bad Beat

poker terms

A bad beat is referred to a player’s strong hand that ends up losing.¬†


The barrel is used to describe the highest better that wagers the big amounts consecutively in the casino game. 


Bet, as you might guess, is the one that each player puts on the line to perform certain actions or start the river sweeps game. 


Blank is the poker card that does not positively or negatively affect the sweeps game as it does not hold any value for players at the moment. 

Blue Chips

Usually, in poker, which uses three color poker chips, blue ones are the ones that have the highest value. 


A call is used to describe a bet that is main with the intention of matching another player’s previous bet.¬†


It is among the most used poker terms in the community. Cap refers to the game that limits how much players can wager on any given night. It offers certain limits for players in terms of the size of the deposits. 


The case refers to the last card of the same value that is stuck in the deck. For instance, if the three copies of the King are drawn up to that point, the last King in the deck is called the case. 


Collusion refers to the instance where two cheating players work together to beat the game. 

Dark Bet

A dark bet is a kind of wager that players make without looking at the other cards that are dealt in the same round. Usually,¬†sweeps cash casino¬†players who pick Texas Hold ’em choose to use this strategy.¬†

Dead Money

Dead Money is referred to the money that is not claimed or won by players at that round. The player who takes action for that bet can win the dead money afterward. 


Duece is a two-card pair that has the same value and attributes in an online sweepstakes game. 

Double Up

Double up is referred to the bet that a player makes after winning the initial round. Usually, that player doubles down on the first bet and wagers twice the amount that is deposited before. 

Expected Value

In poker, the expected value of the round is referred to as the hand that has the potential to payout big amounts in the long run. Online gambling players make crucial decisions based on the expected value. 

Face Card

Face Card refers to any variation of the King, Queen, or Jack. 

Favorite Hand

This is among the easiest poker terms that you need to know about. A favorite hand is referred to as the one that has the likelihood to complete a winning combination sooner than later. 


A fish is generally a nickname for the weakest player on the table. 

Hero Fold

Hero fold happens when a player that has arguably the strongest hand in the game folds instead of calling it. 

High Card

poker terms

When two or more players have a combination that has the same value, another card on their hand is treated as a high card, and depending on that certain card’s value, the player wins or loses.¬†

High Hand

Usually, these types of poker terms are used to describe the case where the combination on the hand of the player does not have any pair or ace, and he/she wants to win through the high card. 


It is an additional card that appears in some poker games. Usually, this card is used as a wild card in poker. 


A kicker is a card in the hands of the player that does not necessarily help to form a combination but holds some value because of its capabilities. 


It is one of the poker terms that is used to describe a type of player. Nit is the player that wants to win big, and therefore, they are not playing their first hands or calling it until the big reward comes to the table. 


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