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Joseph Clark December 26,2021

If you’re a new player, you get lots of bonuses and promotions. First, you get starting funds for free via no deposit bonuses to enjoy your favorite games. You can also double your budget with casino sign-up bonus offers. But these are just the beginning – a casino reload bonus offers more!¬†

After you become a member of an online casino, the bonuses will keep flowing as you continue to make deposits. These sorts of promotions are called a casino reload bonus. This bonus encourages you to play your favorite casino games more. 

But there’s more about reload bonuses you need to know. We’ll show you everything you need to know in this guide. With that said, let’s begin. 

What Is A Casino Reload Bonus? 

Reload bonuses work similarly to casino welcome bonuses. But they’re usually offered at a lower percentage (mostly less than 100%). And it’s usually provided only to existing players. For example,¬†BitBetWin¬†delivers a 20% bonus on Ultrapower Tuesdays.¬†

You get reload bonuses when you’ve deposited in the past in an online casino. So this bonus is how casinos reward loyal players for always playing on their site. 

Reload bonuses give you a little extra. If not, players would jump from one bonus to another without settling in one place. But if players occasionally receive bonuses as they deposit, it prevents them from moving from one casino to another. 

How Does A Casino Reload Bonus Work? 

Casino reload bonus

Some online casinos prefer to give a casino reload bonus to loyal customers. Usually, you take this bonus through a bonus code or click that you want a bonus on the site. Sometimes, online casinos add the bonus to your account automatically. 

You can retrieve the offer if you make a deposit when you receive the offer. Mostly, the minimum deposit amount required to collect the reload bonus is $10. And often, too, the reload bonus comes with a maximum value. 

What Does A Casino Reload Bonus Include? 

Most times, reload bonuses give you a particular match percentage on the deposit you make. Also, it shows you where you can claim a maximum amount of bonus funds. 

As said earlier, the reload matched bonus gives you a lower percentage compared to the initial welcome bonus the online casino gives you. The reload offers can begin from 15% and a $20 maximum cash bonus. 

Usually, you can find reload offers between 20% and 50%. However, the maximum bonus of the reload bonus may not be over $50. But some casinos offer a 100 deposit reload bonus on special occasions. 

Even though it’s pretty rare, some online casinos include¬†free spins¬†in their reload bonuses. But, again, this is rare.¬†

Casino Reload Bonus: Terms And Conditions To Consider 

Reload bonuses come with some conditions which you need to pay attention to. General reload bonus terms apply to all reload bonus offers, such as maximum bets and specific casino game weighting. 

There’s no need for online casinos to change these offers for each specific offer. However, as said earlier, you get less bonus cash and a lower percentage with reload bonuses.¬†

This is why most online casinos reduce the wagering requirement. And that makes it easier for you to play through them and cash out any winnings and bonus funds from them. The casinos may give it to you, but you must first read the terms and conditions of each reload offer. 

However, remember that most reload¬†bonuses¬†come with a bonus code to enter when you deposit if you want to claim them. If that’s not the case, you may have to choose the reload offer.¬†

If you register with online casinos when you’re automatically given a welcome bonus, you’ll usually have to activate the reload bonuses manually. Also, remember that most¬†online casinos¬†make it a requirement to claim your welcome bonus if you want to claim a reload bonus in the future.¬†

Some payment methods such as Skrill and PayPal won’t work if you claim your reload bonuses. It’s the same thing with welcome bonuses.¬†

Reload Bonus & Welcome Bonuses: What You Need To Know 

Casino reload bonus

When it comes to welcome bonuses and reload bonuses, there’s something crucial you need to know. It’s more likely that an online casino will offer you a welcome bonus when you register with them. And if you win, you would want your money fast. 

That’s where instant withdrawal casinos become helpful. However, not every casino offers a casino reload bonus. There is no guarantee that you’ll get one. Usually, you’ll have to ask before you make any decision. 

In some instances, some online casinos may require you to earn their reload bonuses. That’s where your loyalty comes into play. If you stick with an online casino for a long time, you’ll eventually get numerous reload bonuses, including other promotions as well. 

But what makes reload bonuses difficult at times is the wagering requirements. Sometimes, it can be challenging to adhere to the requirements. When you find such a casino, it’s better to look elsewhere that offers flexible wagering requirements. Then, if they favor you, go for it.¬†

Even though the decision is entirely yours, we recommend making a decision based on the profit you’ll get. If the bonus is massive, it’s a good indication of a high-profit bonus. However, make sure to check the wagering requirements before you proceed. 

Besides, you’re looking for ways to make more cash. 

One more thing, before you move to another online casino because of hard wagering requirements, you can ask for an exclusive reload bonus from the casino’s support team. So you can contact them and let them know if you can get one. 


One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning in an online casino is a casino reload bonus. However, not every online casino offers to reload bonuses, so you’ll have to check before you proceed. However, you can use welcome bonuses to your advantage if you play your cards well. 


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