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Ross Campbell April 27,2021

Sports themes are getting more and more popular in recent years. These games can be very helpful for those of you who like to play new genres and slot machines with different themes. The majority of players are still unaware of this branch of¬†inferno slot¬†machines. Therefore, we decided to come up with this guide and share all the essential information about sports slots as well as list out some of the best examples for that genre. If you are ready, let’s start by defining the actual term.¬†

What Exactly Are The Sports Slots? 

As you might guess from the name itself, sports slots are slot machines that revolve around specific sport branches such as hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, or boxing. You can find several examples for each sports branch and enjoy the one that you are interested in. 

These slot machines provide us with exciting graphics as well as familiar faces from the sport branches that we love to play and watch. For instance, a game like Mike Tyson or Rocky is featuring phenomenal boxing themes and sharing pictures of those athletes that we loved to watch. 

On the other hand, by picking up a slot machine that is about basketball, you can see your favorite superstars like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, or Stephen Curry on the reels as symbols. As you understand the essential components that make an inferno slot a sports slot machine, let’s now analyze why it can benefit you to try out these¬†sweepstakes games.¬†

Why do You Need to Play Sport Themed Inferno Slot Games?

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One of the key reasons why these games are getting popular is that sport-themed slots are not only designed for sports junkies, rather than all the players who enjoy high-quality slot machine experience can get into them right away. You do not have to know what offside means to get the best results in football-themed slots. 

They are attractive not only because they feature the titans of the sports world but also they come with HD graphics and high-quality sound effects. Below we will discuss some of the extensive features of the sport-themed inferno slot machines that you might want to check out. First of all, the variety of these games are off the charts. 

Regardless of the sports branch that you like to play or watch, you can find hundreds of interactive sports slots for that genre. Therefore, people with different gaming styles and tastes can find a slot that is relatively engaging for them and fits their preferences. The crazy animations and realistic sound effects of these games is another reason why you need to check them out indefinitely. 

You will feel the vibe of the real stadium as soon as you tune into the sport-themed slot machine. Another reason why you need to try these games is the crazy bonus opportunities that they provide. 

And the last but not least advantage of playing these inferno slot machine games is their mobile-friendly interfaces, which is a must if you are an avid slot player in 2021. Below, we will discuss the prime examples for sport-themed inferno slot machines. So, without further ado, let’s start the list with none other than Football Glory.¬†

Football Glory

Football Glory is among the top sport-themed slot machines in the market. There are five reels and five rows in this slot machine. The background in the game will remind you of big football stadiums, and you will feel like a fan that watches the live game while playing this sweepstakes slot. Yggdrasil Gaming developed this video slot back in 2016. 

The best feature of the game is superstar mode which is a bonus round that allows you to take a penalty kick to activate the multipliers. The highest jackpot of this river sweeps slot is around 4000 times the initial deposit which is excellent. If you are a high roller who loves football, you can definitely try this game out. 

Super Striker

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Super Striker is another exciting sport-themed inferno slot game that you can play. The game is available in both the app and browser versions. Regardless if you are using your tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer, you can still get the same quality of graphics and enjoy the best features of the game right away. Net Entertainment developed this¬†river slot¬†machine game. The game features five reels and four rows. In addition to that, you will access as many as 30 winning paylines. ‘

On each of the active lines, players can wager up to 25 dollars and try their luck at the biggest prizes that are available in the Super Striker sweepstakes game. The special bonus features like random multipliers and free spins add more intensity to the overall gameplay. If you have never tried a sport-themed river sweepstakes slot machine before, you can start with this title, and we are sure that you will not regret that decision at all. 

Alaskan Fishing

Alaskan Fishing is the last inferno slot machine that we are going to discuss in this article. As you might guess from the title, the game is all about the fishing experience. You will notice different types of fishes and breeds of underwater creatures while playing this game. All you need to do is to come up with three symbol combinations on the same reel to win the riversweeps slot. Microgaming designed this fantastic slot game from scratch. The game allows you to travel to the beautiful nature of Alaska and enjoy a fishing experience with your competitors. 

The player who gets the high-value fishes in the same reel will earn the highest reward of the game. Alaskan fishing comes with a special bonus round which is called Fly Fishing Bonus. You can earn up to three times multipliers and five free spin chances with ease while playing this inferno slot game through this bonus round. The best side of the game is that all these bonuses are re-triggerable. So, whenever you missed out on any of the bonus rounds, spin the reels to try your luck at another fishing round. 


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