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Video slots have existed in gambling parlors since the late 19th century. In their early years, slot machines were mainly placed in bars and cinemas. As time went by, they gained massive popularity and took their place in gambling platforms. 

Since the brick-and-mortar days of gambling, slot machine videos have been a fancy gambling game that has attracted many customers. They were supposed to be the games that women and older people could enjoy while their peers played so-called real casino games.

The slot machines’ evolution demonstrated the games’ intense entertainment value and win ratio, and they exceeded expectations over time. Nowadays, free video slot machines are everywhere on online gambling platforms. It is the most recognizable gambling game that we have in the industry. 

Evolution Of Video Slots

slot machine videos

During the 20th century, the slot machine was a cool game with above-average graphics. One of the major critiques that players had about them was the random number generation process. At that time, players did not believe that slot machines were random and they weren’t rigged to take their money. Many video slots were classified as loose slots, and that is true.

When no jurisdictional bodies were testing the legitimacy and fairness of those slot machines, it was tough to tell which machine was rigged and which was not. That was not the only reason so many players avoided those slot machines. The screen and visual effects were subpar at that time, and they were showing low-resolution images. It could have been more visually appealing than its counterparts. 

Those free video slot machines were just a mimic copy of the actual slot machines. The games only had three reels, and the graphics were of average quality at best. Sticking to those slot machines for more than an hour was hard because players were getting bored. 

The video slots had no animation or special effects to grab the player’s attention. The sound effects were one of the main downsides of those slots. Those games did not feature any sound effects whatsoever. They were simple games with no extra effect or musical background. 

Another disadvantage of those free video slots was the bonuses and actual prizes. At that time, the mechanical three-reel fruit slots gave more prizes than real slot games. Overall, these were the main reasons people avoided slot machines. 

The Emergence of Five Reel Video Slots  

In the mid-1990s, Australian brand Aristocrat Gaming developed a more improved version of the video slot machines. This slot was relatively similar to online gambling slots that we have right now. They had five reels and more colorful and improved symbols on the reels. The game also featured a bonus round, and overall, it was very successful.

At that time, the internet was a new thing for most people, and people barely had a PC on which they could play online casino games. That is why the companies were striving to build video slots played in land-based casinos. 

In 1996, Silicon Gaming from the United States developed the Odyssey slot machine. After this slot, WMS Gaming created the Reel’em in, and from there, the major shift to online gambling happened. 

Multi-Tiered Jackpots in Modern Video Slot Games

Progressive jackpots were not a thing back then, and there were only a handful of games that had this feature. Aristocrat Gaming had several gaming titles that were offering progressive or multi-tiered jackpots. These were mainly three-reel, simple free video slots no download that had no bonus rounds. 

The progressive jackpot was working under the scheme of local progressiveness. The main reason that progressive slots increased in quantity over time was the interest of the gambling audience. 

It was when casinos decided to include more examples of these games because the audience’s involvement level was enormous. These bonus rounds last until someone earns it. 

Nowadays, we have progressive video slots casino games that have many rounds of progressive jackpots and other prizes. The bonuses include: refer a friend, welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback bonus, happy hour bonus, free spins bonus, pick ’em, and so on. 

Advantages Of Playing Video Slots

video slot machines

There are many reasons you need to enjoy online slots, and in this passage, we will take a look at them one by one. The first reason is the payout rates and high jackpots. It is one of the initial reasons why so many people decide to get into the slots in the first place. 

In land-based casinos, the slot machines have payout rates for all. Depending on the developer of that machine, the percentage can change. However, the average percentage is around 86 per cent, less than slot machine videos. 

Video slot games offer returns to player rates as high as 97 per cent. The exciting fact about slots is that this percentage can go as high as 99, depending on your game. Some casino slots are designed to increase payout percentages whenever you keep the stakes high and put higher deposits on pay lines. 

Video Slot Bonuses

Another great advantage that video slots casino games offer to players is daily and annual bonuses and extra rewards. The more gambling bonuses you have, the higher the chance of you putting up great results through considerably higher payout percentages. 

There are a variety of bonus packages that you can come across during your slot journey. For instance, the welcome bonus is one of them. This bonus is given to any player after registration. To withdraw the wins through these bonus offers, you must reach a certain point regarding the deposits. 

After you reach that limit, it is perfectly acceptable for you to withdraw the amount. The no-deposit bonus is another excellent example of rewards. This bonus offer is a specific percentage match of the initial deposit players made in the slot machine videos. 

For instance, let’s say that you play a slot machine with five pay lines. If you wagered on every one of them 25 dollars, the no-deposit bonus would give you an additional 125 dollars to play after that round. You can use that bonus and enjoy the best casino slots on that gambling platform.

Besides these bonus offers, online casinos have free spins, daily and monthly bonus packages, etc. Loyalty rewards come as a bonus as well. You can become a loyal customer of an online casino platform, and they would annually give you free spin chances and extra credits. 

In order not to miss these formidable offers from online slot games, you need to enter new gambling platforms and enjoy the bonuses regularly. 

The convenience of the Video Slots

Nowadays, we can access and enjoy the best casino games from our houses. Whether you want to play your favorite video slots on your tablet, phone, or personal computer, online casinos offer them all. Compatibility and convenience are among the top reasons we must stick with online video slots over land-based machines. 

Imagine a casino platform that handles the best sweepstakes games whenever and wherever you want. With free video slots in your pocket, it will be much easier for you to enjoy leisure activities and have time to enjoy the best slots on the market. 

Unlimited Casino Game Choices

online video slot

One of the significant advantages you get by choosing online gambling platforms is the availability of multiple slots. There are numerous online casino slots that you can play on these platforms compared to the ones that land-based gambling platforms offer. 

You can easily choose three-reel or multi-reel slots and have various models from each selection. You are not limited to one device, just like in land-based casinos.

In Land-based casinos, you must get in line and wait for others to finish. Instead, you can pick and choose online casinos and play your favorite video slot machines whenever you wish. Unlimited adventure in online casinos is waiting for you. 

So, get registered in any of the online casino platforms where your favorite games are and let the fun begin. 

They Offer Free Games

Yes, you heard it right; in online casinos, you can enjoy the best slot games without paying a single penny. The free or demo versions of the video slots are great for many reasons. For those of you who approach gambling as a hobby and want to get entertainment value, not money, these games are the best choice you can make. Demo versions are almost the same as the actual gambling games.

The only difference between the two is about deposits. In free games, you do not pay deposits or wager any real money on the game. Besides that, you will not win actual money, too. However, there are credits that you can use and enjoy the game, just like the real one. 

These credits do not have any actual value in the real world, but they increase the game’s intensity. As you can see, the number goes up and down after every spin. The second reason the free video slots no download is essential is their structure. The RNG and RTP of those slots work the same as the actual games. 

You can feel the real excitement of the free video slots by playing them. It is easy to learn something by practising rather than reading about it. This is especially true for slot machine games. 

So, for newbies who want to compete in video slots but do not have information or prior experience regarding online slots for real money, free slots are great tools. These games allow you to enjoy the game, create tactics, and use your skillset and strategies to form a winning combination. 

Playing Video Slots Responsibly

video slot games

During online gambling, playing responsibly is vital. Games, especially slots, where you don’t need to have any second thoughts about betting and spinning the reels, are highly addictive. So, you have to try and find the silver lining between becoming addicted to them and enjoying the game to the fullest.

One of the popular methods for staying on the positive side is setting up a gaming budget. By defining the exact amount of money you allow yourself to spend, you can control the gaming process. Once you reach that market amount, stop playing.

With this method, you will never spend more than you can afford to lose. Therefore, gaming will be a much more enjoyable process.

Besides budgeting, you must always remember that the main aspect of gaming is entertainment. Whichever game you play, you must be focused on having fun rather than winning and losing. 

For that, don’t risk too much and place higher stakes. It’s understandable that winning a progressive jackpot sounds very exciting. However, the winning odds are low. So, it will be stress-free if you bet lower stakes and focus on the gameplay rather than payouts.


How to play video slot machines?

To play online video slot games, you enter a game on an online casino and place a bet. In some games, you also choose the number of paylines to play with. After that, you click on the spin, and the reels start spinning. You win or lose according to the symbols appearing on your screen.

How to win at video slots?

To increase your winning chances to the max, we advise you to activate all the paylines. It can bring you more payouts than activating only one and betting a higher stake there.

How do video slot machines work?

Online video slot games work like regular slot machines at land-based casinos. You place a bet, pick the number of paylines, and spin the reels. The outcome shows wins and losses.

How to beat video slot machines?

Video slot machines are chance-based games. They use RNG systems. It means that wins and losses are completely random, and you can not cheat or lie to the machine.

How to cheat video slot machines?

Video slots casino games are made with random number generators. They have top-notch software and security measures. Therefore, there is no way you can cheat in slot machines.

How to play video poker slot machines?

To play video poker slot machines, you need to find a sweepstakes casino that offers these games in its catalog. Sign up for the real payouts or find the free video slot machines online and play without paying a cent.

Is video poker better than slots?

The answer depends on your taste. If you prefer more challenging games, you can play poker or other card games. If you prefer simplicity, then video slots are the best.

What is a video slot machine?

A slot machine is a gambling game with reels and rows. A player must place a bet on the game and spin the reels. They will see various symbols on the screen. The alignment of these icons shows if they win or not.

Is video slots legit?

Yes. Playing slots on reputable online casinos can bring high payouts. However, if you just want to enjoy gaming without worrying about funds, try free video slots no download online.

Are video slot machines rigged?

No. Modern online video slot games use the RNG system. It means they have a fair functionality for both – a player and a casino.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, slot machines have a long history. There are many reasons that people prefer to play these fantastic games even today. In this article, we elaborated on those reasons and tried to give you an insight into the most crucial matters about casino slots. 

With decades of experience, slots are getting only better each year. New innovative features are added to the mix over time. Nowadays, we have

Virtual reality video slots that use the latest Google glasses to bring the real casino experience to our houses. These technological advancements help the overall gambling industry to improve in many areas. Every year, we get to play new variations of popular online casino slot games, and as fans of the games, we are very grateful for that.

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