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Frank Deucette May 03,2021

If you’re searching for the best online sweepstakes casino to play and win cash legally and safely, a sweepstakes platform is the right choice. The U.S. authorities have limited playing traditional sweepstakes for real money to fewer locations. 

However, almost every state permits people to play at online casinos, also called sweeps parlors. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know and how you can find the best U.S. online casino and play games for fun.

We’ll also show you how to acquire and redeem sweeps coins for real cash prizes. 

Sweepstakes Casino: Overview

sweepstakes casino

Online sweepstakes are ideal for anyone in the U.S. who wants to enjoy sweeps games but lives where playing for real money isn’t allowed. The good news is that these coin-based sweepstakes are legal in almost 50 U.S. states. So you can sign up wherever you are, get a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus, and play your favorite games. 

These sweepstakes parlors use their virtual currency system called gold coins that you can purchase in packages. You can then use these gold coins to play different sorts of sweepstakes games for fun. But all your winnings have no real monetary value, so you can’t cash them out. 

However, you get sweepstakes cash or sweep coins as part of the coin package. You can use these coins to play poker, the best online slot machines, and table games to reach cash prizes, which you can redraw. 

It doesn’t sound effortless, but it’s not. Stick with us, and we’ll explain everything as straightforward as possible. 

USA Sweepstakes Casino: How They Work

usa sweepstakes casino

Sweepstakes became famous in 2005, just like the U.S. online platforms. Players can register and play their favorite sweepstakes games, just like anyone would at a sweepstakes casino real money. 

The vital difference is the currency, known as the gold coins, used to play sweepstakes games. It is virtual and has no monetary value in the real world. When you buy a bunch of gold coins, they usually come with some sweepstakes cash. This sweepstakes online casino money is what you use to play for real money, which is cashable. 

Remember that you can’t purchase sweepstakes cash directly. It’s forever part of the gold coins. The exchange rate is usually one sweep for one U.S. dollar.

Sweepstakes Casino Online: Different Types

Sweepstakes Casino Online

Sweepstakes casino online can be confusing because two different types of currency are available to players. And they both function differently, but only one can be converted into real cash and withdrawn. 

That’s why knowing each of them is relevant and choosing the preferred to play. In this section, we’ll break down some crucial differences between the two coins and how to get and use them. 

Sweep Coins 

Sweep coins are a virtual currency that can be converted into U.S. dollars. From there, you can cash them out. Some online sweepstakes give you a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus to start playing right after registration. 

You can also get free sweepstakes coins by joining contests on Twitter and Facebook by answering some basic questions. The winner is randomly selected. You can then use your sweep coins to play table game options, sweepstakes Casino games, and slots, just as you would at real money online sweepstakes parlors. 

Any winnings are converted to real cash using the online sweepstakes’ exchange rate. However, remember that there’s typically a minimum balance required to cash out.   

Gold Coins 

You can purchase gold coins in bundles at sweepstakes casino real parlors. These coins can be used to play online slots and other online sweepstakes games. You can add any winnings to your total gold coins balance. Some online sweepstakes give players gold coin packages when they sign up and create a new player account. 

However, the main takeaway is that these gold coins are entirely virtual currency. In other words, you can’t convert them into real cash and withdraw. 

Sweepstakes Casino Payment Methods

The best USA sweepstakes casino apps use different trusted payment providers to ensure you can fund your account. Not only that but to withdraw your cash whenever you want. 

Sweepstakes Buying Methods 

The payment methods used to purchase gold coins vary among sweeps cash casinos. Below are typical ways you can use to buy a coin package:

  1. Mastercard 
  2. Visa
  3. Bank transfer 
  4. American Express 

Remember that the number of gold coins in a bundle varies between sweepstakes casino real money, including special offers. It’s unlikely and not common to see a package worth a million gold coins and a few sweep coins for $10. 

Sweepstakes Redeeming Methods 

As stated earlier, you can’t redeem gold coins at any USA sweepstakes casino app because they’re virtual currencies used to play games for only fun. If you play with sweep coins, however, you can convert them into real cash. And the exchange rate is usually one sweep coin to $1. 

Knowing that a sweep coins minimum balance is needed before you can redeem them is relevant. Of course, this varies depending on the sweepstakes website you play at. But usually, you get between $50 and %100 worth of coins. 

Furthermore, players must usually verify their account with proof of address and a photo I.D. Once verified, you get your funds into your account via bank transfer. 

Sweepstakes Casino Games

Sweepstakes Casino Games

You get access to extensive sweepstakes casino games that will blow your mind away. There’s just too much available to play all of them. Some online sweepstakes platforms have an in-house development team that develops unique games you won’t get anywhere. 

Here are some common types of sweepstakes games players enjoy using sweep or gold coins. 

Slot Games 

Slots are the most popular USA sweepstakes games. Some platforms focus all their attention on online sweepstakes slots. You can use your sweep or gold coins to spin the reels on a range of new and classic slot games.

Since slots moved online, it has evolved beyond the primary fruit machines usually found in land-based sweepstakes parlors. These games now come in different themes and configurations with other exciting sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus features. 

Table Games 

Some sweepstakes online platforms provide different table games. These are video visions of classic sweepstakes games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. You can show your skills against online dealers to see if they can get a lead or land their dream number. 

Video Poker 

It’s possible to play virtual poker online games across the U.S. due to sweepstakes websites like Global Poker. You can sign up with video visions of this popular card game with the highest Return To Player Percentage. 

Progressive Jackpots 

Some Sweepstakes Casino online provide progressive jackpot opportunities to their players. These casino slot games continue growing as every wager contributes to the overall pot until one lucky player wins. You can play progressive jackpots at some U.S. online sweepstakes.

The Best Online Sweepstakes Casinos In The US

Here is an overview of the best online slot casinos in the U.S.:

Blue Dragon

This popular online casino offers various games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It also offers generous welcome bonuses and promotions to attract new players. 

Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin is another popular online casino offering a similar game range to Blue Dragon. It also provides a variety of ways to earn virtual currency, including daily login bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and tournament prizes.


BitSpinWin is a newer online casino that focuses on slots. Its games include progressive jackpot slots. Players can also enjoy the best casino bonuses and promotions.

Learn more about the website below!

The Best Sweepstakes Casino Bonus Offers 2023

This is a bonus you can claim without having to deposit. It is usually a tiny amount of sweeps coins, but it can be a great way to try a new casino or test out a new game.

Deposit Match bonus – This is a bonus that is equal to a percentage of your deposit.

Reload bonus – You can claim this after you have made a deposit. It is usually a smaller percentage than a match bonus, but it can be a great way to top up your account.

Free spins – This bonus gives you a certain number of free spins on a slot machine. Free spins are a great way to try a new slot machine or win extra sweeps coins.

Cashback – Here, your losses will be refunded as a percentage. For example, a 10% cashback bonus on a $100 loss would give you $10 back in bonus sweeps coins.

Sweepstakes casino real money: Popular prize withdrawal methods

Sweepstakes casino real money

Popular prize withdrawal methods in sweepstakes casino apps typically include

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Also known as bank transfers, EFT allows winners to transfer their prize money to their bank account directly.
  • Prepaid Debit Cards: Sweepstakes casino real money may offer prepaid debit cards to winners, which can be used online or at ATMs
  • Paper Checks: Some winners prefer receiving their prizes through a physical check. While this method may take longer to process and deliver, it offers a traditional and tangible way to access the winnings.
  • Digital Wallets: Some slot casinos commonly use popular digital wallets like PayPal or Skrill for prize withdrawals. These platforms provide a fast and secure way to transfer funds to winners’ accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency: In some casinos, winners may have the option to receive their prizes in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This method appeals to tech-savvy individuals and those interested in the crypto space.
  • Vouchers or Gift Cards: Casinos may offer winners the choice of redeeming their prizes through coupons or gift cards, which can be used for various purchases or experiences.

Top sweepstakes casinos in the U.S.

Here is an overview of the ultimate sweepstakes platforms in the U.S.:

  • Vegas-X Casino

Vegas-X Casino is a new casino that offers various games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It also provides a generous welcome bonus along with other promotions.

  • Vegas7games

Vegas7games has many games, including slots, table games, and bingo. There is also a welcome bonus of $10 in free sweep coins.

  • Riversweeps

Riversweeps is one of the U.S.’s oldest and most popular casino platforms. It offers various games, including slots, table games, and scratch cards. It is famous for its high-quality graphics and sound quality. 

These are just a few top casinos in the U.S. Many other great options are available, so be sure to research before choosing one.

Top U.S. sweepstakes casino betting sites.

  • BitOfGold

BitOfGold is a top-notch online casino that provides a smooth gaming experience on both mobiles and computers. You’ll find an impressive collection of over 300 exciting Bitcoin casino games. Such as fish and slot games to thrilling table card games. There’s something for everyone.

Bonus tip: Check out Happy Duck on BitOfGold and go for lucrative winnings!

  • BitPlay

BitPlay offers a fantastic slot gaming experience with the latest online slots, ensuring your financial security and privacy. It has an easy-to-use interface. It also provides hassle-free and secure payment options, including cryptocurrency solutions. With exciting slot games, BitPlay easily ranks as one of the best sweepstakes platforms in the U.S.

  • BitSpinWin

BitSpinWin is a fantastic sweepstakes platform that offers an exceptional range of games, bonuses, and promotions to maximize your winnings. It’s all about having a great time and winning big. Plus, you can make safe and secure payments using cryptocurrencies.

Sweepstakes Platforms Pros And Cons


  • You can play for free and potentially win real cash prizes.
  • There are no age restrictions or gambling laws to worry about.
  • You can play from anywhere in the world.
  • The games are often more generous than traditional online casinos.


  • You can’t cash out your winnings in cash.
  • You may have to wait a long time to receive your prize.
  • The prizes are often smaller than traditional online casinos offer.


What are sweepstakes online casinos?

These online platforms offer casino-style games where players can win cash prizes through sweepstakes promotions. They use a unique legal framework, allowing players to participate without making direct cash wagers.

How to claim sweepstake casino prizes?

Prize claim methods vary depending on the specific gambling casino platform. Typically, winners are notified and given instructions on how to claim their prizes, which may include cash or other rewards.

Can you play sweepstakes casino games with real money?

No, these platforms use a virtual currency system, such as “sweepstakes coins” or “gold coins,” instead of real money for gameplay. Players can purchase these virtual coins, but they cannot directly wager or win real money.

Can you win cash while playing sweepstakes casino online?

Yes, players can win cash prizes here. Participating in sweepstakes promotions allows players to win real money through various games and contests.

Are sweepstake casinos legal in the U.S.?

Yes, sweepstakes are legal in most states in the U.S. They operate under a sweepstakes model, distinguishing them from traditional online casinos. Thus, players can play games and win prizes without violating gambling laws.

Are there different types of sweepstake casino games with no deposit bonus?

Yes, some slots offer a no-deposit bonus, allowing players to receive free virtual coins or other rewards without requiring any initial deposit. These bonuses may vary and can be used to play different slot games.

Can you play sweepstake games on your mobile?

Many casinos have mobile-friendly platforms, allowing players to enjoy sweepstakes games on their smartphones and tablets via web browsers or dedicated mobile apps.


Now that you know about sweepstakes casino, you can sign up and play your favorite games. You can choose to play for fun or play for real money. Don’t forget to have fun while playing your favorite games.

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