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Ross Campbell May 31,2022

In the online gambling industry, there has been immense success made by slot machines. Many players hunt and navigate different online casino websites to search for online slot machines. Online slot games are among the most popular sweepstakes genres. Online slot machine games are always preferred by the players and are much loved as it is always fun to play and rewarded upon winning the slot game. 

Big jackpots are available on various slot machines, which sound very interesting and encourage the players to play more effectively and willingly. But since there are wide varieties of slot machine games for real money available in the different casinos, it is a big struggle to find online slot machines that stand out.

But luckily, the players do not have to bother themselves and spend their valuable time searching for the best online slot for real money online. We have listed a few online best slot machines in our articles for our readers. So, below you can learn about the online slots, save your time and make the right choice for yourself. And making this helpful guide for beginners, we shall first talk about why a player should play slot games before discussing the top online slot games. 

History of online slot machine games

online slot machines real money

The first online slot machine games appeared on the market back in the 90s. These games have always enjoyed high popularity among players. So, once they were introduced into the online gambling industry, they quickly became players’ favorite form of online entertainment.

Nowadays, developers are offering new versions of online slots. For example, there are 3D slots that took the market by storm. These online slot machines real money offer players better visuals and graphics. Some slots have also become more interactive, allowing players to use their skills and intuition more.

The newest innovation in online slot machines is connected to crypto payments. There are an increasing number of online slot machine games that users can play with their cryptocurrencies. The crypto slots turned out to be quite comfortable for many players, allowing them to make payments easily and with lower transaction fees.

Types of slot machine online games

In addition to crypto and 3D slots that we have discussed above, there are numerous other types of slots that you can enjoy. Slot games differ in many aspects. For example, you can find slot games with different themes. There are Vegas-themed slots, buffalo slots, Oriental slots, Asian-themed slots, etc.

Slot machine online games also differ in terms of bonus opportunities. You may encounter slots that come with free spins feature. This feature is activated randomly. If you manage to do it, you will get the chance to spin the reel for free up to a certain number of rounds.

Another popular type of slot is the progressive slot. These online slot machines give players the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. The amount of these jackpots sometimes reaches unbelievable levels. So, we definitely recommend checking them out.

Different ways to win at online slot machines

slot machine online

The most effective way to win at slots is to try to activate bonuses. The bonuses are a great opportunity to increase the number of your credits. In return, you will be able to use the accumulated credits when playing slots. As a result, you will be able to spin the reel longer and have more chances of hitting the winnings.

We also recommend going for high RTP slots. These slots promise the biggest payouts. Try to opt for the ones that offer around 96% RTP rate. You can also consider playing progressive slots that allow you to hit a jackpot if you are lucky enough!

Advantages of playing slot games 

Online Slot games are unchallenging

The slot games are straightforward to get started for beginners as they are straightforward to understand. Online slots are exciting and simple games that motivate players to play more enthusiastically. 

Online Slot games offer diversity

Since there are many online slot machine games for real money available, the player can choose any slot machine game. Whichever online casino real money a player chooses, several variations are available for the player to choose from. There are many online slot machine games that the players can navigate in the slot libraries. 

Provides opportunities to win big jackpots

There are different probabilities of winning the progressive jackpots, depending on which kind of sweeps games the player is playing. The player can win huge jackpots with the best online slot machine games. 

Many beginners might be wondering if it is safe to play online¬†sweepstakes games? So, let’s discuss this issue to get your queries solved.¬†

Picking the online slot machines real money

free online slot machines

The player should consider the reputation that the casino holds. Its legal license, the customer reviews for that casino, and all the security parameters ensure that it is trustworthy and worth playing with. 

One of the essential measures to be considered is the RTP level,i.e., return to player amounts. This is the payout percentage which is variable for different casinos. The player should choose an online casino that has high RTP online slot machines real money. It somehow predicts the increased probability of winning the games. 

The different bonuses and rewards are considered while deciding on shortlisting the top online slot machines. In addition, the number of VIP programs organized and the offers announced should also be paid attention to. 

And also, the diversity of slot machine games should be given important notice. A range of slot games, roulette, progressive jackpot opportunities, 3d slots, and many more variations are considered. 

Top 3 slots to play this year

Let’s explore some of the top online slot machines for this year!

Lucky Shamrock

Lucky Shamrock is an Irish-themed slot game. This popular slot was developed by the Art of Games company. Lucky Shamrock features 3 reels and configurable winlines. The slot stands out with its visuals as well as game sounds. Lucky Shamrock promises high returns, so if you are looking for lucrative prizes, you should surely consider it!

Orient Express

Are you into oriental-themed games? Then Orient Express might interest you! Developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, this slot machine online has been enjoying high popularity among players who love movie and TV show-based games. Orient Express is played on 5 reels. It offers 20 win lines, as well as a number of different features, including free spins, quick pin, and autoplay. The RTP rate of Orient Express is set at 96.2%.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a horror-themed popular online slot developed by IGT. This scary slot offers 5 reels and a total of 720 win lines. Day of the Dead is more of a high-roller slot. This game also features free spins and an autoplay option.

Best online casinos for slot games

Now, let’s discuss some of the best online casinos where you can find the top selection of slot machine games:

Red Dog

Red Dog has the highest RTP slots and offers several free spins to the player. In addition, it offers attractive and exciting welcome bonuses and has a range of around more than 110 slot machine games. 


BitOfGold is a quite popular online site for slot games. It has very high RTP slots and offers a large set of games for real money. It contains high-definition graphics and offers rich bonuses. It is also optimized for playing on mobile devices. The payouts are also super fast and trustworthy.

Super Slots

Super slots offer around 200 online slot machines to interested players. It is not optimized for playing on mobile devices but has attractive welcome bonus packages for the new players. In addition, it has an incredible variety of games to offer on the desktop website. 


free online slot machine games

Win777 is a popular online casinos for slot games with free spins bonus. It offers attractive and exciting bonus packages on bonuses and promotions. The banking methods are diverse. Win77 also provides a great experience and is a secure platform. It also has optimized mobile versions of its slot games. 


The popular online casino offers payouts of significant amounts and has numerous cryptoslots available for the players. Big bonuses on welcome packages are available, and the games are also optimized for playing on mobile devices. It also has a very high RTP and is secure and safe to play games with. 


Are online slot machine games reliable?

As far as this question is concerned, the player must first make sure that the online casino website where s/he wants to play the video slots is reliable enough or not. Or whether the website has a valid license to gamble or not. Because when you’re using a secured site, it has all the legal safety measures to let you have honest and fair gameplay. Any thought of going illegal can cost them their reputation. Therefore, it is doubtful that online slot machine games are not reliable. 

What are online slots?

Online slots are casino games. They feature reels that can be spanned by the players. These games enjoy high popularity among gamblers.

How do online slot machines work?

Slot machines are luck-based games. Once the play spins the reels, the outcome is always generated randomly. This is done through the so-called RNG system.

What are the different types of online slots?

There are many different versions of slots. For example, there are crypto slots, progressive slots, 3D slots, free online slot machines, etc.

What are the bonus features of online slot games?

Bonus features allow players to earn extra money. They are activated randomly. One of the most common types of bonus features is free spins bonus opportunity.

Are online slots rigged?

No, online slots are not rigged. As we noted above, they use the RNG system that ensures fair gaming.

How to trick a online slot machine to win?

You cannot trick an online slot. If you attempt to, you may be banned from an online casino.

Can I play slots online for real money?

Yes, you can play slots online for real money. That said, you can also try free online slot machines that are great for just having fun!

What is the best slot game to play online for real money?

Some of the best slot games to play this year include Orient Express, Lucky Shamrock, and the Day of the Dead. In addition, you can also try Great Blue, Fire Phoenix, and MMA Legends.

How to beat online casino slot machines?

Slots are luck-based, so there is no formula that guarantees winnings. However, if you go for high RTP slots, this will raise your chances of earning prizes.

Are there real slot machines online?

Yes, there are real slot machines online. This means that when you play them, you will have to wager real money.

Are online slots legal?

Yes, online slots are legal. However, it’s always best to double-check your local regulations regarding gambling. As for free online slot machine games, you can play them legally anywhere.

Are online slots safe?

Yes, online slot titles are safe. However, you need to make sure that you play them on a legitimate online casino.

What are some of the myths about online slots?

The most common myths about slots are about winning strategies. In fact, as we pointed out above, there is no strategy that will guarantee you winning at slots.

Can you win real money with free online slot machine games?

No, you cannot win real money when you play free online slot machine games. Free online slot machines are played with coinsthat have no real value.

Final thoughts

Here in this blog, we have listed the advantages and features of online slots. This guide can be helpful for the players who are motivated to have the best experience with online slot machines.

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