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Joseph Clark March 06,2021

Sweepstakes business is getting more and more prevalent in recent years. There are many reasons that trigger their popularity. Mainly, sweepstakes platforms are legal, which makes them more accessible for players worldwide. Besides that, the games on those platforms are very interactive, and they are the best alternative for online slots that are not legal in many countries. 

On top of all that, the main reason that makes sweepstakes platforms such special in the players’ eyes is the slot machines they offer. This article will focus on the best online slots that helped sweepstakes businesses to grow at this rate and lead them to get recognized by the masses. Without further ado, let’s start with the first one. 

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is the first online slot machine that we included on this list, this slot has a major role in uplifting the sweepstakes business as a unit. The innovative sides of Net Entertainment have been once again proven with this title. The game came into the market in 2017. It was not common to include such hilarious games in your portfolio in the last decade. Mainly, players were looking for thrilling games with a straight interface and set rules. However, the slot machine releases like this created another dimension for the sweepstakes business.

Which Features When Pigs Fly Brough to the Sweepstakes Business? 

Sweepstakes Business

As fans started to adapt to these slot games’ entertaining features and cartoonish look, they become even more popular. Many online sweepstakes software developers started to incorporate such amusing storylines and animations in their games after the initial launch of the When Pigs Fly. There are five reels and three rows in this video slot game. In addition to that, the slot machine offers us 20 fixed pay lines. 

The volatility of the game is high, and its payout rate, which stands at roughly 97 percent. These reasons are enough to play this game for a regular slot machine [player. However, that is not all. The entertaining theme and amusing bonus features of the game make this slot so special in the eyes of many river sweepstakes players. There are 3125 different ways through which you can win the ultimate prize in this game. 

It is quite possible to earn great rewards, especially when we consider the effectiveness and efficiency of the slot bonuses that you can find in the game. If you have never tried this river slot machine, you have missed the fun of the sweepstakes business platform. However, it is not too late to start. So, enter a sweepstakes website that offers this title and enjoy the experience right away. 


Thunderstrike is among the most popular online slot games of all time. Microgaming developed this sweepstakes game back in 2010. At that time, there were not so many branded slots that have been focusing on Marvel Themes. This game is based on the popular comic book character Thor. As soon as you enter the game, you will see the resembles from the movie Thor. The land of Asgard can be seen in the background. In addition to that, the game includes the main characters of the movie in the storyline as well as the paytable. 

Details about the Game

There are five reels and three rows in this sweepstakes slot machine game. In addition to that, players will manage to utilize the 15 pay lines that are available to them in the layout. The main symbols in this game are the card values and images of the characters. To win the game, you need to combine those figures and create a winning line that is consists of at least three identical symbols and located on the same reel. 

Through 243 different ways, you can come out as a winner whole playing Thunderstrike. It is the first game of the sequel, and as soon as Microgaming presented it to the sweepstakes business, the platform operators incorporated it into their gaming portfolio. Fans love this slot a lot for many reasons. First of all, it is a branded slot machine that is based on a popular movie. In addition to that, the slot’s payout rate is as high as 96.08 percent. It is not a common feature for branded slots of this caliber. 

Therefore, Thunderstrike placed higher on the rankings even if it was released over a decade ago. Though utilizing the available options, you can achieve great wins in this game. The highest cash reward that this slot offers is 125.000 dollars. To acquire the jackpot, you need to concentrate on the wild symbols and trigger the multipliers. Overall, it is a very interesting and exciting sweepstakes slot that you need to try. 

The Invisible Man

Sweepstakes Business

Another exciting game that came into the sweepstakes business around the 2010s is the invisible Man. Invisible Man is a five-reel slot machine game that features 25 pay lines. The initial reason for us to include this slot game on the list is the popularity. The game brought energy to the sweepstakes market through its creatively designed bonuses and exceptional interface. 

There are two unique bonus rounds and promotions such as roaming wilds, free spins, random multipliers, and so on. The Return to Player Rate for this slot machine is 96.40 percent. In addition to that, the volatility of the Invisible Man is low. This combination is the best choice for high rollers as it allows them to trigger higher rewards effectively. The two unique bonus rounds that will help you to achieve hitting the jackpot are the Griffins Bonus and Police Spins. 

To activate these features, you need to line up at least three scatter symbols on the same reel. While considering the fantastic visual and sound effects alongside these unique bonus rounds, this game offers top-notch quality for slot lovers, and you should not miss this chance by not playing The Invisible Man. 

Secrets of Atlantis and the Best Features that It Brought to the Sweepstakes Business

Secrets of Atlantis is another excellent online slot game that came into the sweepstakes business in the last decade. Stunning visuals and the smooth gameplay of the title made us include this one on the list. Secrets of Atlantis is one of the first sweeps games that brought a unified combination and vertical pay line into the sweepstakes business. Through its unique features, the players managed to learn different ways to win the best slot games. There are many unique features of this slot. 

Some of them are unique bonus opportunities, while others can be experienced through the gameplay. The queen of the underwater world will appear on the reels as you spin it. The game pays out both vertically and horizontally. You need to combine different parts of the princess in order to bring her to life. While doing so, you will trigger exceptional bonus offers such as ten times multipliers and free spins.

The Return to Player Rate of the slot is 97.06 percent. It offers five reels and three rows to all the players that love sweepstakes business games. The best part about the game is the number of pay lines which is 40. You will have unlimited opportunities to cash out while playing the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine. 


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