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Matt Dylan January 03,2022

The sources suggest that the online gambling industry will be worth more than 92 billion dollars by next year. The growth rate is enormous when we consider that this number was estimated to be around 67 billion dollars in 2020. There are several reasons and triggering factors that can enhance this process even more. The addition of new online casinos to the market, upcoming trends, and technological advancements push the industry to become one of the most profitable businesses out there. So, what are the main strategies that new online casinos employ to get to the top? What about the new casino features that make these platforms prevalent? We will find out in this article. 

Features that New Online Casinos Bring to the Gaming Industry

There are a variety of new features that modern online casinos employ, and below we are going to cover some of the most popular additions that we have seen in the industry for the past few years. 


new online casinos

Cryptocurrencies are taking the market by storm, especially with the rise of Bitcoin and the Altcoin season. In this bull market, there has been a boom in terms of the number of people who got invested in cryptocurrencies. The global market cap of cryptocurrencies has risen above 2 trillion dollars, and all the green candles across the screen helped many people to earn millions of dollars in the past few months. 

The inclusion of cryptocurrencies in online casinos started in 2016, but at that time, it was not so popular, and therefore, not many users entered those sites to play casino games. However, right now, it is a trending topic for the industry, and the number of new online casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments is getting higher and higher. 

What is the Reason Behind That? 

First of all, for long-term holders, it is easy to use their crypto assets while playing online sweepstakes games. They do not want to cash out and therefore look for ways through which they can use cryptocurrencies directly without converting them to fiat currency. 

Many casino enthusiasts enjoy the best games using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other altcoins. There are platforms like Bitplay or BitBetWin where you can enter and enjoy a variety of sweepstakes genres like video slots, table card games, fish table arcade games, and so on by using cryptocurrencies. These platforms enable you to link your cryptocurrency wallet to the casino account and make deposits and withdrawals right away. So, it is a no brainer why you should not use this great offer. 

Besides the comfortability aspect, safety is another perk that these new online casinos offer through cryptocurrencies. As you might know, these transactions are anonymous, and the only record of the transaction can be found in the blockchain, which will show the wallet code of the user and nothing else. So, if you do not want to register by using your ID card or sensitive data like social security number, these new online casinos will definitely help you to do that. 

AR and VR

Virtual and augmented reality is another addition that new online casinos made popular. The live casino experience with these tools is really pushing the envelope in terms of quality. Once you wear your lenses and headphones and tune in to VR casino, you will experience the real thrill of playing at the land-based casino platforms. 

The recent news on the Metaverse and the partnership with Facebook helped this idea grow even further. Therefore, you can find new online casino sites that feature VR and AR slot machines as well as poker games to their customers. While playing these games, you will have a 3D avatar that can interact with the dealers, other guests as well as casino games which makes this experience even more enjoyable. 

Gaming in Smartwatches

new online casinos

It is no wonder why smartwatches are becoming more popular, and when we consider their benefits, usually we skip the gambling part because not many players have any idea that they can play river slot casino games through their smartwatches. Recently, Playtech announced that they would make it possible for users who have Apple watch to enjoy a variety of online slots through their watch. 

It will become even more popular as the new online casinos adopt this idea and start to provide their users with such benefits. First, desktop casinos became a thing, and then mobile gambling got pushed to the mainstream. Now it is time for smartwatch casinos to shine and make it even more comfortable for players to enjoy the wide range of online casino games. 

Final Thoughts on New Online Casinos

With the addition of new online casinos each year, the gaming industry improves a lot. Each new feature helps users to get more comfortable while playing the best games, and it improves their entertainment value as well as the profitability of the sweepstakes games. If you would like to learn more about the casino updates and such subject matters, check out our blog page at UltraPowergames. 


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