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Matt Dylan October 12,2021

In an era where the online casino industry is growing at its highest pace, it would be odd to dismiss the games of chance, which are an integral part of this growth. I am sure that most of you have played online chance-based before, whether it is for real money or not. Unfortunately, however, there are quite a few players who have never experienced these games, and they do not have a clue about chance games online. 

So, we decided to come up with this article and use the platform to discuss matters like the essentials of these games, definitions, and the best examples that you can tune in anytime you want. So, without further ado, let’s start by defining the online casino games of chance and see their special features. 

What Are the Games of Chance? 

As you might expect from the title, games of chance are casino titles that revolve around the luck of players, and no strategy can change the outcome in these sweepstakes cafe games. You are playing solely on the luck aspect, and either wins and losses are mainly decided through random number generation. 

Most of the time, the playing scheme for these online games of chance are very similar. The initial idea is that the player bets on a certain variable, and if that outcome is about to happen, he or she would ultimately win the prize. 

Differences and Similarities: Games of Chance vs. Skill-Based Casino Games

games of chance

Most of the time, chance-based online cash sweepstakes games are confused with skill-based casino titles. We are here to share the similarities and differences between the two phenomena so you can make your decision based on these factors. While games of chance are completely random and the results are defined based on the luck aspect, skill-based casino games are a little bit different. 

The similarity between the two might come from their origin, playing style, user controls, and interface. However, the rules, payout rates, volatility, the size of jackpots, and such factors are very different. The RTP would be a lot higher in skill-based games, but the prizes would not be as astonishing as you might find in online chance games. However, the multiplayer factor, as well as the difficulty of those skill-based casino games, makes them a little bit harder for players who do not have relative experience in this field. 

While you can earn millions of dollars by spinning a start button, it is not that easy to come up with a straight flush in poker for consecutive hands. However, all casino games involve a little bit of luck regardless of the type. So, depending on your preferences, you can pick the genre that entertains you the most and stick to it. 

What Are the Different Types of Chance Games Online? 


Baccarat is among the most popular games of chance, and therefore we included it on this list. For the most part, the house edge for baccarat titles in internet sweepstakes sites is around 15 percent. The rules of the game are simple for the starters, but they can get complicated as you are involved in higher-ranked playrooms. 

The simple rule to follow is that you have two main options in the game. You can either deposit your money on a banker or a player. The best hand that you can have in baccarat is 9-9, while the double zero is considered the worst hand. Both players and bonker pick cards until they have 6 of them. 

The winner would be determined according to who has the hand that is closest to value 9. The three is called natural hand in baccarat, and it is an automatic win for either player or banker. 


games of chance

Another popular game of chance genre is craps. It is one of the oldest river online casino games that came into existence over centuries ago. There are two main ways that you can play craps. You can either play as a spectator who is considered passive or as a player who is considered active. 

Active players throw dice while passive spectators only wager on other players’ throws. The rules for the online craps are very easy to grasp. In the first round, the shooter starts the game by rolling the dice, and he should either pick a pass or not pass after the initial draw. 

That stage in craps is called the come-out. Depending on the number that the shooter got in the first roll, he should repeat it at some point before the initial round is over. 

If he could not deliver the results again before the end of the round, the shooter will lose. On the other hand, if he rolled a 7, he will automatically lose regardless if it is the end of the first round or not. 

Slot Machines

Slot Machines are among the most popular casino games of chance in the market today. There is a number of different types of the slots, such as three-reel, five-reel, seven-reel, video slots, 3D slots, VR slots, and so on. The rules for all those games are relatively similar. All you need to do is to wager on active pay lines and press the spin button. 

One of the main reasons why slot machines got so much attention from games of chance players is the simplicity and easy playing rules. If you would like to play exciting sweepstakes slots and enjoy great bonus offers, check out Ultrapower Games and enjoy our gaming content. 

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