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Frank Deucette February 22,2022

Even if the traditional wheel game isn’t available in your area, there are many other ways to play roulette. If you’re a player, you’re aware that there are numerous slot machines to choose from. The same¬†video roulette¬†can be seen at casinos, although larger electronic games from IGT are also popular.¬†

But there’s more to video¬†roulette¬†online you need to know. The knowledge revealed in this guide can help you increase your winning chances and enjoy the game.¬†

Let’s begin. 

How To Play Video Roulette Online 

The rules are simple: a participant lays a wager on where they believe the ball will land on a 37-segment wheel numbered 0-36. In America, however, wheels will have 38 segments, with the number ’00’ added to the wheel.¬†

This increases the house edge, allowing the casino to make more money. In addition, there are various online casinos where gamers from the United States can legally play Video Roulette.

Its basic rules made it simple for inexperienced players to get involved. In contrast, more experienced players mastered tactics to maximize their profits, which we shall discuss later in our online Roulette tutorial.

Playing Video Roulette Online For Free 

video roulette

Any¬†casino game’s¬†practice, demo, or free mode is recommended as the initial stop. This guarantees that a new player becomes acquainted with the¬†sweepstakes game¬†and knows important components like bet sizes, features, rules, and so on.¬†

The most notable feature of this mode is that no real money will be used; therefore, you’ll not be putting your money in danger. On the other hand, while in this mode, no real money will be won.

Playing Video Roulette For Real Money

You can play for real money on the platform after comprehending every crucial feature of the game. In addition, you can get¬†bonuses¬†at several¬†online casinos¬†that play Playtech’s Roulette if you use our connections.¬†

All required is to locate a casino that offers advantageous bonus terms, including wagering requirements, and then deposit and play.

After you’ve made your deposit, it’s time to start playing. So, what’s the best way to play video roulette?

Advantages of Playing Video Roulette 

Play Roulette Alone

We understand that many players find the roulette table a very daunting place to play. Table roulette requires all players to adhere to a set of rules that can be easy to overlook, especially in the chaos between each spin. 

This will almost certainly result in a stressful encounter that will make players reluctant to return to the table, regardless of how much they appreciate the notion of roulette.

The needed etiquettes are removed from online roulette, allowing participants to play in peace and at their speed. In addition, by removing all other players from the game, most gamers will have a more joyful and stress-free experience. 

This peace of mind will enable you to make more rational judgments and walk away from the slot machine if you lose.

You Are In Charge Of The Game’s Speed 

Online roulette is my favorite because it gives you greater control over the game. For example, you get to choose when the spins occur and how long you wait to wager between rounds.

In table roulette, on the other hand, the dealer only offers players a limited period to put wagers.

The dealer’s responsibility is to keep the game moving at a respectable speed.

After all, when there are more spins each hour, the casino makes more money.

Experienced roulette players usually have little difficulty placing their bets on time. When there are multiple players at the table, though, things get a little tense as they reach across the table to place their bets.

This brings me to another point: you can stretch across the roulette board without exerting any effort with a machine. Players on the end of regular tables, on the other hand, do not have access to the entire board.

With Less Money, You Can Play More Games 

Table roulette typically has minimum bets ranging from $1 to $5. However, most roulette machines have $0.50 minimum bets, allowing you to play more spins for less money, which is ideal for recreational gamers. 

These extra spins can help you fine-tune your strategy or even try out strategies you were previously hesitant to try.

Statistics Are Easily Accessible.

Video roulette allows participants to see information about primary outcomes. But, of course, many will argue that these numbers are meaningless because previous spins have no bearing on future spins, and we agree. 

When you’re on a losing or winning streak, though, the opportunity to see this data so quickly is incredible. You should have a well-thought-out online roulette strategy if you’re serious about layers.

I’m also aware that many players base their next wager on patterns and previous results; while this isn’t a proven method, some players swear by it. If this is your betting approach, online roulette is ideal for you because you can see the data, making it simple to place bets.

The Downside Of Video Roulette 

video roulette

Increased Playing Time

Video roulette can provide players with more spins for less money, but it can also provide them with more money. A traditional table spins 40 times per hour, limiting how much a player can spend. 

On the other hand, roulette has no timer between spins, allowing players to complete 3-4 spins per minute, quickly depleting their bankroll and forcing them to leave the game sooner than they would if they were at a table.

When players are on a losing streak, they report spending more money on video roulette because they believe they are due a win.

Social Aspect Is Missing

The environment produced at the table draws many players to the game, and this component keeps them at the same table for hours on end. However, playing roulette eliminates this aspect of the game.

It’s challenging to recommend roulette to you if you prefer engaging with other players while playing roulette, as it does provide an isolated experience. This is comparable to video poker, where players have had a hard time shifting from a table due to a lack of social connection.


Online roulette is one of the best¬†casino games¬†that mixes Playtech’s cutting-edge technology with real-time dealer action. Instead of awkward talks with the dealer, you only get to view the live action when the betting phase is completed, and a dealer is allowed to spin the wheel, which is aired live with a pair of cameras.¬†

As a result, if you enjoy playing live roulette and the La Partage rule, you will undoubtedly appreciate Video Roulette.

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